A unique opportunity for students who have special academic or career objectives not directly met by existing majors is the “self-designed’’ major. Students may pursue either an interdisciplinary program or a discipline specific program of study as part of the self-designed major. In this program a student works with several faculty members to construct a major organized around a particular theme or interdisciplinary course of study or around a specific discipline offered in the College which does not have a regular major program. The advantage of a self-designed major is that it requires fewer units than a traditional double major, while allowing you to delve into themes and topics that interest you most. All self-designed majors must be approved by the Associate Dean of the College.

Students interested in designing their own minor program around a specific area of interest or field of study offered in the College may also do so by declaring a Thematic Minor. The student with a declared major and a minimum 2.65 grade point average may select the Thematic Minor so long as it does not duplicate or closely parallel an existing major or minor. The Thematic Minor must contain at least 20 units, normally five courses. No course may count for both the student’s major and the Thematic Minor, and no more than one course may be completed outside the University. Some advanced courses must be included.

For more information about the major and minor, contact the Associate Dean of the College of the Pacific.

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