If you know exactly what subject you want to major in, that’s great. We’ll connect you with a faculty adviser in that department to ensure your schedule includes the recommended courses for your major.

Explorers Are Welcome

However, if you’re not sure what fields of study interest you the most, that’s fine too. Typically 20-25 percent of our freshmen enter Pacific as "undecided" or "exploratory" majors. In the College, we welcome explorers!

This is an ideal time to explore different interests—and discover new ones. As long as you declare a major by the beginning of your junior year, you will be right on track to earning your degree within four years.

Flexible Degree Options

“I’m majoring in International Relations and Global Studies, Spanish, and French. One of the things that was so appealing to me about Pacific is how easy it is to double (or in my case triple) major with a language and something else.”—Andrew Summers

The College of the Pacific offers 32 majors and 37 minors covering a wide range of academic subjects. Plus, you can design your own major or minor within the College. In all, over 80 undergraduate areas of study are available across the University of the Pacific’s different schools and colleges.

Combine Majors and Minors

Many combination degrees can be accomplished within four years at Pacific. Options include:

General Education Program

The College of the Pacific administers the University’s nationally acclaimed general education program that exposes students to all major areas of learning in the arts, letters and sciences. The program encompasses our distinctive Pacific Seminars courses taken in the freshmen and senior years.