The Bachelor of Arts in Music is designed to help you connect music to the liberal arts and sciences. It provides a breadth of study that can serve as excellent preparation for graduate study in music. Its adaptability can also serve students with professional flexibility via a broad choice of electives to design a curriculum for a unique degree path or career. The music portion of this degree is quite similar to the Bachelor of Music requirements in the first year, allowing you for exploration of these options or electives while still progressing toward graduation. An independent capstone project allows you to further a particular musical interest or to combine musical and non-musical research.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Amy Wheeler playing the cello
Outstanding Student
Amy Wheeler '23

Cellist and environmentalist, Amy found the best of two worlds at Pacific. Instead of settling for only one of her passions, she is pursuing both by double majoring in music and geological & environmental sciences. She credits her academic advisers and faculty for helping her create this fulfilling academic path.

Option to double-major or minor

Since Bachelor of Arts in Music requires at least 64 units outside of music courses, the program is ideal for those who want to add a double major, double degree, minor or pre-professional program to their music study. This degree cannot be taken as a double major with other conservatory programs. Credits that count toward the liberal arts requirement include Pacific Seminar, GE, applicable transfer credits, credits toward non-music major/minor/ program, and non-music electives.

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conservatory of music student with ivy
Explore multiple facets of music

"I chose a Bachelor of Arts in Music to explore the multiple facets of music the Conservatory can offer. I knew the Conservatory at Pacific would give me direction and on-hand guidance that I needed." — Tabitha Machabie ’20, Bachelor of Arts in Music, Violin


The musical side of the Bachelor of Arts in Music gives our graduates employable skills in leadership, collaboration and communication. Because this degree is largely self-directed, it also helps you develop flexibility, resilience and time management that employers increasingly seek.

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