Callahans endow new scholarships to support undergraduate students

Chris and Jean Callahan

A generous gift from the Callahans will establish scholarships for students.

President Christopher Callahan and First Lady Jean Callahan are furthering their commitment to University of the Pacific students with a $200,000 personal gift to create endowed scholarships for undergraduate students living on campus.

The endowment will be doubled by the Powell Fund, a gift matching program at Pacific, bringing the total amount to $400,000.

“The cost of higher education across America continues to go up,” the president said. “We’re trying to keep costs as low as possible here at Pacific, but there’s always going to be a great need for students to receive financial help. We hope that in a small way this gift will help students attend Pacific, succeed and go on to do great things.”

Added Jean Callahan, “It’s so important when you work in higher education that you are philanthropic and give back to the institution. Christopher and I want to model the way.”

The Callahan Scholarship can be renewed annually for students living on campus, an important component for the Callahans.

“The Pacific experience is enriched when students have the opportunity to be part of everything that makes our university so special,” the first lady said. “These are such pivotal years to help students become who they are going to be as older adults and professionals. To learn from peers and others and be more fully immersed in the campus environment is important.”

Studies also have shown students benefit academically and persist to obtaining their degree when they live on campus and participate in organizations and activities.

Resident adviser Diego Paez ’22 said moving on campus his senior year has helped him focus and more easily access support services and amenities.

“If there is a study group I need to be part of, or I want to talk to a professor, I don’t need to worry about driving back and forth,” Paez said. “And then on the social side, you always have an opportunity to engage in activities. When you don't live on campus, you can sometimes miss out on those events.”

Pacific has 12 residence halls, five apartment complexes and Greek housing on its Stockton Campus.

In response to feedback, Pacific has expanded its housing options and improved its meal plans.

The university also has launched new initiatives to enhance the student experience, such as Pacific Friday, a weekly event to promote school spirit.