Eberhardt School of Business recognized for DEI advances

a professor lectures in front of a class

Assistant Dean Sacha Joseph-Mathews will be keynote speaker for the inaugural GUIDE awards.

University of the Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business is receiving an inaugural award for its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion from the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

The GUIDE award, which stands for Growing Unity Inclusion Diversity and Equity, is part of a program the chamber created to build and support an inclusive business environment in the region. Valley Mountain Regional Center and Caltrans District 10 also were selected for GUIDE awards. 

Sacha Joseph-Mathews, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion and associate professor of marketing for Eberhardt, will be the keynote speaker for the Oct. 11 awards event. During the past year, Joseph-Mathews created CEO’s of Color, a program where diverse business leaders from a variety of industries interacted with students and the community while in residence on the Stockton Campus.

“Being one of the handful of business schools in this area, it is important that we play a role in knowledge development,” Joseph-Mathews said. “This award is recognition that our efforts are making an impact, and we are being seen and heard in the community for our efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Timm Quinn, President and CEO of the chamber, said the organization did a “deep internal look” at its practices and decided to expand its efforts, including the establishment of these awards.

“We want all businesses to know about the importance of DEI. It is a big journey and there is a lot to learn,” Quinn said. “We wanted to get the conversation going in the business community. Honoring those already doing great work is important.”

Quinn cited the Westgate Center’s Management Certificate program as part of the recognition for Eberhardt. The center, which provides leadership and management development to the community, offers DEI training as part of its programming.

Westgate’s upcoming courses in November and December will focus on enhancing DEI efforts in the transit industry, one of the most diverse industries in America. 

Quinn said the chamber is grateful for the work Pacific has done in DEI leadership.

“It is with great pride that Pacific is honored by the chamber for the business school’s ongoing work promoting DEI leadership in the community,” said Mary Lomax-Ghirarduzzi, vice president of diversity equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer. “Eberhardt is helping managers, business leaders and students do a better job in this very important and ongoing work, which is an essential part of Pacific’s mission.”