Students explore healthy food choices available in The Marketplace

a student meets with a dietitian in Pacific's dining hall

First-year student Imani Jaldin Hartsough ’26 learns about plant-based protein options from dietitian London Baker. 

“Delicious.” “I love it.”

The comments at a recent food sampling event at The Marketplace in the DeRosa University Center are music to the ears for Sia Mohsenzadegan, resident district manager of Bon Appetit, Pacific’s long-time food service partner.

He is on a mission to show students the array of healthy food choices available on the Stockton Campus—and learn healthy doesn’t mean bland. “There are so many options,” Mohsenzadegan said.

He brought Bon Appetit Regional Wellness Manager and Dietitian London Baker to campus to show students the diverse options available and answer nutrition questions during a recent “Meet the Dietitian” event.

“Many people think you need a huge budget to eat well … but the truth is, it's right here at school,” Baker said.

Every station in the Marketplace has a vegetarian or vegan entrée. The “Herbivore” station, located next to “Wok 2 Thailand” is exclusively vegan and vegetarian with rotating meal choices five days a week.

plant-based "chicken" sliders

Nashville "fried chicken" sliders

Students sampled one of the station’s entrees, Nashville “fried chicken” sliders made with Impossible chicken, a plant-based meat substitute.

“I think it's delicious. The aoli (sauce) is super good and the hot sauce is just enough,” said second-year student Alysha Haight ’25. “I didn't know (the Herbivore station) was back there. I'll definitely look into it.”

Imani Jaldin Hartsough ’26, a first-year student who primarily eats vegetarian, spoke with Baker about how to eat enough protein.

“Most of my friends are eating animal-based, so they worry about me and my protein intake,” Jaldin Hartsough said. “He (Baker) said you should eat about as much protein as the palm of your hand, so that makes me feel pretty confident that I'm getting enough.”

Baker understands the challenges. As a classically trained chef, he spent 10 years working in the fast-paced restaurant industry where his schedule sometimes made it hard to eat healthy. The experience led him to become a dietitian to help others make healthier choices. Baker worked for Facebook overseeing fitness centers and wellness programs before moving to Bon Appetit.

He often hears from students with allergies or specific dietary restrictions.

“I can help talk them through the different types of menus and how to find the most suitable options,” Baker said.

Bon Appetit also is committed to using fresh ingredients. Most of the food served on the Stockton Campus is locally sourced, with 90% coming from farms within 150 miles.

Prepared meals are available at The Marketplace, The Lair (a pub-style option on the second floor of the DeRosa University Center), the university food truck (located on south campus) and The Grove (a grab-and-go convenience store). Students also can receive free produce from the Ted and Chris Robb Garden on the Stockton Campus every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Pacific’s dining services have received national recognition. The university is listed in the top 10 for sustainable food and dining in the Sustainable Campus Index, which compares hundreds of public and private colleges and universities.

Any student with questions about health and nutrition can reach out to Baker for guidance at