The Empowering Pacific Pre-Health through Shadowing Program (EPPS) offers undergraduate pre-health students a chance to gain valuable insights into healthcare professions. It accomplishes this by connecting them with an individual health care professional or office for a semester-long career exploration experience, preceded by comprehensive guidance from Career Services.

Students will be able to increase their understanding of the health disparities and needs within the San Joaquin County community as well as gain valuable healthcare experience. Additionally, offices and individuals are able to establish their brand with future recruits and health care professionals can help students jump-start their transition from classroom to career.

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Host a Pre-Health Student

Getting started is easy. 

Register to participate in the program, and the EPPS Team will contact you with next steps. 


Our Mission

EPPS aims to provide the students who participate with invaluable exposure to real-world healthcare settings, mentorship and the insights that you have gained along the way. This exposure will help them navigate their future career paths with confidence and clarity.

Get ready for an exciting semester as you host student(s) for three hours weekly or every other week. Shifts will be determined by your preference and availability.

We ask hosts to:

  • Share with our students safety procedures or common acronyms using in the profession or workplace.
  • Let students peek into the day-to-day tasks tied to your and your teams’ roles as healthcare professionals.
  • Create an open atmosphere for questions and discussions about the profession.

Don't forget to introduce them to your team and suggest resources for learning.

Stay in touch with the EPPS Team regarding any concerns you may have about the program or students. When the semester wraps up, share your feedback with us on both the program and the students who joined you!

We maintain a rigorous screening process for the student participants, including a comprehensive application and a virtual interview where the EPPS team assesses their professionalism, maturity, and fit.

Career Services matches students based on interest, availability and fit. After the matches are made, students are informed of their match and are asked to commit to that job shadow office, time commitment and location.

Offices/Hosts are then notified of their matches (or that no match was made) and receive introductory profiles of the student(s) that will be shadowing them.

Look out for an email: Once you are matched with a student, the EPPS team will email you with next steps and may schedule a site visit.

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Professionalism

If you require any other training to be provided to student prior to the first day of shadowing, please reach out to the EPPS team. 

Connect with the EPPS Team to notify them and for the student(s) to receive appropriate training and additional support from Career Services.

Contact us to learn more

Mailyn Villamonte
Assistant Director for Career Services: Pre-Health 

Teresa Martinez
Associate Director for Career Services: Pre-Health

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