University of the Pacific, Sacramento Campus offers a variety of on-campus housing opportunities in order to provide an invaluable scholarly experience. Located in the heart of the California state capitol, our on-campus residential community is the best way to fully participate in academic life. We firmly believe that by living on campus, students can maximize their time for more faculty interaction, enhanced learning, and social growth.

Sacramento Campus Housing Options

The Housing Office can be found in the Office of Student Life, located in-between the Student Center and Northwest Hall. We encourage you to visit our office for more information about on-campus housing opportunities or for assistance finding off-campus housing. Our office continues to build partnerships with off-campus renters across Sacramento County, so please reach out to us if you would like some help finding the best housing opportunity for you!


To be eligible for on-campus housing, students must have been accepted for enrollment by the University of the Pacific. Student tenants are selected from a waiting list maintained by the Housing Manager. On-campus housing is extremely popular, therefore, interested incoming students are encouraged to submit a request to the Housing Office as early as possible. Applicants for housing are chosen, in turn, from the established waiting list.

Student Resident Parking is available on the north and south sides of the campus. A limited number of underground reserved parking spaces in Blackacre are leased for a monthly fee to campus residents as they become available.

Full-time Campus Security is provided by the University of the Pacific, Sacramento Campus.

Locked Out?

During normal business hours, students should contact the Housing Office at 916.739.7119. After hours, students should contact the Graduate Housing Assistant on duty at 916.764.5697.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be placed on the housing list please contact the Housing Office at 916.739.7119 or

The Sacramento Campus has several on campus housing options including studio, one- and two-bedroom units. We can accommodate up to 160 tenants.

All Sacramento Campus students who are enrolled at least part-time are eligible to live on campus. The Sacramento Campus has accommodations for both single and married students as well as students in a domestic partnership.

Yes. If you need assistance identifying a roommate contact the admissions office at

Pets are not allowed in on campus housing units. Exceptions will be made for service pets/companions.

Both furnished and unfurnished housing options are offered.

If you plan on visiting campus you may arrange a tour of on campus housing units through the Housing Office. Contact the Housing Office at 916.739.7119 or

Depending upon availability, units will be ready to occupy in either July or August prior to the beginning of classes. Tenants have the choice to remain in their apartments all the way through summer and can also continue into the next school year.

Apartment prices range from $650-$1,000 for single units, and less if sharing with a roommate.

Rent Rates include water, garbage, sewer and hot water (gas). Tenants pay for electrical, internet, land-line telephone (optional) and cable TV (optional) services.

Prices for housing at the Sacramento Campus are comparable to similar off campus accommodations.

The housing office has several resources to assist students in finding off campus housing options. However, the University of the Pacific does not endorse or broker off campus housing providers. You may also consult the relocation services and housing search engines provided on the housing web page.

Midtown, West Sacramento, "The Pocket" and Land Park are all popular neighborhoods for students. However, students live in several different areas depending on individual needs and preferences. Consult our relocation services and housing engines for more information on different Sacramento neighborhoods.

Like most cities and towns in California, it is easiest to have a car in Sacramento. The nearest light rail station to the Sacramento Campus is about two miles away with no connecting bus service. Sacramento is also a bike friendly city. Many of our students use bikes as a transportation option.

The Sacramento Campus offers free parking in campus lots with a permit. There are a limited number of underground garage spaces available for a monthly fee of $35.00. Please contact the Housing Office at 916.739.7119 or to inquire about garage space availability.

Students can pay their rent online (debit/credit or electronic check) by following the steps below. Rent is due on the first day of each month. Residents who do not pay their rent by the fifth day of the month are subject to a late payment fee.

Online Payment Instructions:
  1. Sign into insidePacific
  2. Click on the “Pacific Today” Tab
  3. Go to “Manage Your Account”
  4. Click on “Pay Your Tuition or Fees”
  5. Select “Make a Payment”
  6. Clear out the 1st Balance Box (Important)
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay in 2nd Balance Box
  8. Click “Submit"