Welcome New Tigers!

Living on campus allows you to immerse yourself in the Pacific community and enjoy all social and cultural aspects of campus life. To start your housing application process, sign in to the housing portal and complete your housing preferences. This process helps us learn more about you and what you are looking for from your on-campus living experience.

Once your preferences are complete, The Office of Residential Life and Housing will reserve a housing placement for you while you confirm your enrollment at Pacific and complete your new student checklist. You will then be able to secure your housing assignment by making your non-refundable housing placement fee. While assignment preferences are not guaranteed, you will receive priority for preferred locations based on the date your preferences are received. 

Housing Requirement

The university is committed to providing students with the full Pacific experience and guarantees 4-year housing with a 2-year requirement for all undergraduate students. Join the Pacific community by signing in to the housing portal to get started. 

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Student Experience

“Moving to college was a bit scary to me at first since I was no longer living with my parents and in a completely new environment. However, I am forever grateful for the people that I met in my residence hall. Living in the dorms helped me have the complete college experience and meet new friends. So many of my favorite memories were made with the friends I made living on campus.”

– Breana Nham, second-year pre-pharmacy student

How to confirm housing

Step 1

Sign into the housing portal and complete your housing preferences.

Step 2

Confirm your enrollment at Pacific and process your housing pre-placement fee.

Step 3

Secure your housing assignment by signing your Housing Agreement for 2024-2025.

The confirmation pre-payment is required for all new students applying for on-campus housing. This payment can be submitted online through the new student confirmation process, and you’ll receive this information in your letter of admission to the university. Once you enroll in classes, approximately one to two weeks after the start of the semester, your confirmation rent payment is applied toward your housing charges. If you do not enroll at Pacific, your confirmation rent payment is refundable until May 1. After May 1, the deposit will be applied as a cancellation fee and is not refundable. For more information, contact Residential Life and Housing at 209.946.2331 or iamhome@pacific.edu.

  • We’re here to help. We know this process might be overwhelming for you, and we are committed to answering your questions, calming nerves, and doing our best to ensure your housing selection process is a breeze. If you have questions, contact us at iamhome@pacific.edu or 209.946.2331.
  • You’ll be paired with students based on how you complete your housing preferences. You can find comfort in knowing that you’ll be surrounded by peers having a similar experience as you. We are always in this together.
  • We want you to like your roommate. It’s incredibly important to you and to us that you have a positive roommate experience. We do our best to match you with someone based on characteristics you disclose and identify on your housing application, and when you’re living together in the residence halls, we provide support and encouragement for healthy roommate relationships. 
Housing Options

Experience life at Pacific through different housing options. First-year students get to reside in our residential buildings that feature several amenities and accommodations to make your time at Pacific comfortable. Take advantage of laundry facilities, social lounge spaces, high-speed wifi, and furnished spaces to ensure you have everything you need. 

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Sacramento Campus

Are you a new graduate student on the Sacramento Campus? Visit our Sacramento housing page for housing application information.

Contact Us

Email: iamhome@pacific.edu

Phone: 209.946.2331