Pacific’s Board of Regents is composed of leaders in business, law, health care, finance, real estate, banking, insurance, pharmacy, dentistry, manufacturing, engineering, entertainment, higher education and philanthropy. Many are Pacific alumni. 

regents look at materials from the library's john muir collection

Members of the Board of Regents are appointed for three-year terms and can be reappointed twice for a total of three consecutive terms. The board is led by a chair, who is elected by the full board. Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt ’76, a graduate of the College of the Pacific, serves as the current chair.  


The Board of Regents is responsible for the quality and integrity of the educational experience offered by Pacific and is the university’s fiduciary agent. 

The board selects the university’s president, who reports to the regents, and approves the university’s mission, strategic goals, finances and budgets.  

The board also protects the university from external pressures to ensure academic freedom at Pacific and the university’s autonomy and integrity

regents wearing hard hats touring the healthcare collaborative buildings
regents at the new pickleball courts

Members of the Board of Regents serve on eight committees:

  • Academic Affairs/Enrollment Committee
  • Advancement/Alumni Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Committee on Regents
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance/Facilities Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Student Life/Athletics Committee 

The regents meet three times each year on one of the university’s three campuses. Other individuals regularly attend the Regents’ meetings, including:

  • The president and vice president of Associated Students of University of the Pacific (ASuop), Pacific’s student government
  • The chair and chair-elect of the Academic Council, Pacific’s faculty representative group
  • The chair and chair-elect of the Staff Advisory Council, Pacific’s staff representative group
  • The president and president-elect of the Pacific Alumni Association 
a board of regents meeting taking place in a large room