Game Design: Build a Digital World

Students in this two-week program will explore the core concepts of game design with School of Engineering and Computer Science faculty by create a demo video game using Unreal Engine 4, an open-source gaming engine. This fast-paced “learn-by-doing” game design camp will teach students how to think about game mechanics and player behavior as they create a game that will be played at the end of the course. Along the way, we will discuss the nature of the video game industry, roles within game design teams and the life of a game designer.

Game Technology

This hands-on course will teach students to think like a game designer. Students will participate in lectures and discussions as they play popular board and video games and examine the design practices that created them. Students also will attend workshops to learn how to use Unreal Engine to create a first-person game. Finally, we will create a game together that attempts to produce a specific player experience.

Planned Topics

Course topics will likely include:

  • Principles of Game Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics
  • Unreal Engine (Basic creation, visual scripting and terminology)
  • First-person Games
  • The Video Game Industry
  • Careers in Game Design
The Cube
Joshua Salyers
Joshua Salyers
Faculty Lead

Joshua Salyers is an assistant professor of practice who joined Pacific as part of an interdisciplinary student-driven initiative to create advanced digital humanities projects exploring the history of the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta area. Salyers teaches a variety of courses in the Department of Art, Media, Performance and Design on games and storytelling with digital media. He also leads interdisciplinary summer fellowships for Pacific undergraduates focused on gamified digital public history.