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University of the Pacific
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A printer-friendly version of our FAQ's is located at this link.

I have submitted a referral, what happens next?
Depending on the information you provided in your referral, it will be routed to one of the following departments for outreach and follow up:

  • Care Managers, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Academic Advisors, Academic Advising & Career Services Center
  • Student Athlete Services
  • Community Involvement Program (CIP)

After submitting a referral, you will receive a confirmation email that will tell you where you referral was routed and will include contact information for follow-up questions or requests for updates. General questions about referrals can be sent to 

What services can students access through the Student Referral System?
Any university service, but the most frequently used are Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), Student Victim Advocacy, Academic Advising and Career Services, General Academic Tutoring & Writing Centers, Intercultural Student Success or Financial Aid.  If a student needs support beyond what can be provided on-campus, Care Managers will work to connect the student with appropriate community resources.

Can I use the Student Referral System to refer students from the Sacramento and San Francisco campuses as well?
Yes, the referral form is for use on all three campuses. When completing the form referrers will be asked to identify the primary campus for the student. Staff on all campuses work in collaboration to support students and get connected to the appropriate resources. 

Should I refer a student even if I have connected them directly with resources?
Please do!  If you identify a student in need of a specific service and are comfortable, please refer the student directly to that service/department.  In that situation, please still refer the student using the online referral form and indicate the service you've connected them with. Staff can then follow up with the student to check on their progress and assess if other resources would be beneficial. More importantly, we often have additional information about a student, and you are holding another piece of the story. We encourage all members of the Pacific community to refer students 

Should I tell my student that I am referring them for support?
While completing the referral form you will be asked whether you would like to remain anonymous to the student. If you select 'yes' we will not tell the student you referred them, and will instead use a different approach when reaching out. However, our experience shows us that students respond best to referrals for academic support when they know that a specific faculty member is concerned about their performance. Most students appreciate hearing their instructors are concerned about them, and are more motivated to seek support. For these reasons, we ask that you please consider whether your referral truly needs to be anonymous.  

When referring a student, do I need to be concerned about breaching confidentiality or the parameters of FERPA?
All staff who receive student referrals are Pacific staff members and complete required and on-going trainings regarding student privacy and handling sensitive student issues. Our office work within the bounds of FERPA to ensure that student information is kept private and secure while communicating with relevant campus partners and support staff. 

Will I receive updates?
After submitting a referral you will receive an automated message confirming the receipt of the referral.  In some instances, once a staff member has connected with the student and assessed their needs, you will be contacted and provided an update. Please note that given the high volume of referrals that are received throughout the semester, there are times it is difficult to provide a direct update. However, if at any time you would like an update on a referral you have submitted, please contact our office at or by calling (209) 946-2177. 

I am not quite sure what to do after this latest interaction with my student. Who can I call for a consultation?
If you are unsure whether to refer a student, how to address a student concern, or for guidance on how to best support a student, please consider contacting the following offices/individuals:

  • Care Managers, Office of the Dean of Students (209) 946-2177 or
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (209) 946-2315 x2
  • Assistant Dean of Students, Anne Eastlick (209) 946-7702 or 
  • Associate Dean of Students Sacramento & San Francisco, Dr. Heather Dunn Carlton (916) 733-2809 or (for students concerns on the Sacramento and San Francisco campuses)
  • Associate Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students Dr. Rhonda Bryant (209) 946-2365 

Faculty and staff are also encouraged to become familiar with Pacific's Red Folder, a resource guide for supporting students in distress. 

What if I have an urgent or after-hour concern for a student?
If you are concerned about a student engaged in imminent, self-harm or threat to others, please call Public Safety's emergency line at (209) 946-3911. For all other immediate concerns that cannot wait until the office reopens, please call Public Safety's non-emergency line at (209) 946-2537. Dispatch will notify appropriate on-call staff as necessary. 

Please, if you have immediate concerns for a student's safety or well-being, or those around them, DO NOT complete the online referral form. Instead, call Public Safety at (209) 946-3911.

After-Hours Resources Available to Students:

CAPS After-Hours Therapist: Students can call (209) 946-2315 x2 and choose option 4 to be connected to the after-hours therapist

Therapy Assist Online (TAO): Online platform with self-help therapy resources addressing a wide-range of issues. Students can create an account for free using their Pacific email.

Student Victim Advocate (SVA): Provides free and confidential information, advocacy, and support to students and employees who may be victims for a crime, violence or abuse. The SVA can be reached at (209) 403-0250. 

Residence Life Staff: On-campus students can contact student and professional staff in their residential communities 24-hours a day. Staff are trained to address a wide range of student concerns, including emergency response. Students can find on-call numbers posted throughout their community.