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What is the Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies (BS-MIS) degree? 
The BS-MIS, is a non-audition music degree that will help prepare students to become leaders in the music industry through a combination of classes, labs, internships and hands-on experiences in music management.

Do I have to be a musician to apply? 
No. The BS-MIS is designed so that no previous music experience is required.

How big is the BS-MIS program?  
The program currently admits approximately twelve new students each year. The size is intentionally small to help insure personalized instruction, mentoring and plenty of hands-on time with labs, media projects and work with Pac Ave Records, the student led campus music company. 

Can you tell me more about the experiences mentioned above? 
Pacific has an on-campus music production studio where students study sound recording and music production and that produces the recordings that Pac Ave Records releases. It's equipped with a Pro Tools HD system and a full complement of recording equipment used for student and faculty projects. Additionally, our Music Management Advisory Board meets annually with students and is made up of high level alumni and industry executives who share their experience, insight and provide career advice to students in the program.

When I graduate, what I can expect to do with a degree in Music Industry Studies?
Students who successfully complete the Music Industry Studies program at Pacific will be well positioned to take a role with both new and established firms that are developing a variety of ways to connect artists and audiences. Students may end up working for a digital music company like Pandora or Apple, a concert promotion and production company such as Live Nation or Another Planet, or a leading arts presenting organization such as the LA Philharmonic. Students may also decide to start their own music business and will be well prepared to do so. Graduates of the Music Management program have worked at the previously mentioned firms as well as many others.

How are students selected for the BS-MIS program? 
Students must first meet all criteria for admission to the University as detailed here.

Additionally, all students who complete the University application process (see "How to Apply") will be contacted by Music Industry Studies program faculty for an informational interview as part of the application process. After review, all BS-MIS applicants will receive notification on the decision on admittance into the BS-MIS program.

What is the interview like?
The interview is a chance for students interested in the program to ask questions and for the program faculty to learn more about your career aspirations and goals. It's a chance to articulate what makes you passionate about pursuing a career in the music industry and how you hope to achieve success in the future.

Are scholarships available for BS-MIS students? 
Yes, there are a wide range of University scholarships available for students applying to the BS-MIS program. For more information on the types of scholarships available, please contact the Financial Aid office

Are transfer students with completed college credits able to apply to the program? 
Yes. Transfer students are encouraged to follow the same process outlined above to apply to the program.

What if I am not admitted to the BS-MIS program but still would like to pursue studies in Music Management? 
There are a number of options available. Students admitted to the University may choose another major such as Business, Communication, et al., and apply for a Minor (20 credits) in Music Management. Students may also choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Arts & Entertainment Management. Students pursuing a major other that Music Industry Studies may be able to take a number of the Music Management classes on a space available basis.

 More Questions? Please email our Program Director, Keith Hatschek, or call the Conservatory Office of Student Services at (209) 946-2418 for more information.