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Instrument Locker Rental Policy

Student must be enrolled during the current semester to check out a locker.  Locker checkout is limited to Conservatory music majors for their primary instrument only.  If a music education major is playing a larger instrument in a tech class, a locker that fits the larger instrument can be checked out for that semester only.  Due to limited availability, only one locker may be checked out per student.
Lockers are used at the student's own risk and neither UOP nor the Conservatory of Music is liable for any loss, damage, or theft of any personal property. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance.   

  • Combination Master locks will be provided by the UOP Conservatory of Music and must remain on lockers at all times even if empty.        
  • Personal locks are not allowed and will be removed. 
  • Lockers are assigned based on specific instrument sizes, not the preference of the student.       
  • Lockers must be kept free of perishable food, trash or other debris that could attract rodents and pests.       
  • Lockers that contain excessive amounts of trash will be emptied at the Conservatory's discretion, and the students' locker will be revoked.       
  • Posters, papers, fabric or other items that obstruct the view into the locker may not be affixed to locker doors. Nor should lockers be decorated or customized with stickers, markers, or other items.
  • If a locker is damaged, students must pay the cost of repair/replacement.     
  • If a lock is damaged or lost, students must pay the cost of repair/replacement.       
  • The Conservatory will not, at any time for any reason, allow students to gain access to a locker that has been issued to another student.       
  • For the spring semester, lockers must be vacated by 12pm on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. Contents will be removed after that date.  

STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY ON UNIVERSITY PROPERTY.  Personal items and information that a student desires to keep private should not be placed or kept in lockers regardless if secured by key or combination lock.  School officials, individual faculty members, and public safety officers have the right to search lockers with or without prior notice at the university's discretion in cases of health, safety, security, general welfare, or patient care; where a reasonable suspicion exists that a student has violated university policies or engaged in unethical or illegal behavior or to comply with the university's basic responsibility regarding discipline and maintenance of an educational atmosphere.  When possible, the university will conduct searches as discreetly as possible under the circumstances.  Students are advised that all university property belongs to University of the Pacific.  Students must exercise care, and follow all operating instructions, safety standards, and guidelines when using university property including lockers.  University property includes but is not limited to equipment made available to students by the university for use in the academic program.  Students should immediately notify the Conservatory Director of Operations if any locker appears to be damaged, defective, or in need of repair.  Prompt reporting helps prevent possible injury and deterioration of equipment and property.  The improper, careless, negligent, destructive, or unsafe use or operation of any locker may result in disciplinary action.

The fee to rent a locker is $10 per academic year and $20 per summer (payable in advance via cash, check or credit card). 

An e-mail will be sent to all Conservatory students with dates and times available to request a locker.

Steve Perdicaris
Director of Operations
Conservatory of Music
University of the Pacific