accounting major Hannah Ketcherside
Outstanding student
Hannah Ketcherside

Major: Accounting (BS and MAcc program) 
Graduation year: ’22, ’23 
Hometown: Stockton, CA 
A two-time recipient of the CalCPA annual scholarship for accounting majors 
Employment: Payroll clerk at F&M bank; tax intern at Moss Adams 

What motivated you to study at Pacific? 

My connection to Stockton community. Being born and raised in Stockton, I wanted to be able to continue to give back and support my local community while in college.

Also, the reputation of the Eberhardt School of Business and their accounting program, specifically the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program really appealed to me when I realized I could receive my master’s degree in five years or less. Higher education is important in my family, and I am proud to be a third-generation Pacific Tiger.  

As an accounting major, what has your Pacific experience been like? 

The accounting courses I have taken have laid the foundation for my internships, as well as my future professional career. These courses gave me the basic knowledge and information.

The Dean’s Seminar in my freshman year and the Career Seminar taught by director of the ESB Career Center Margaret Roberts during my junior year, really encouraged me to put together my resume, participate in mock internships and to network with professionals in the accounting industry.

My hands-on experience came through the internships. 

You mentioned internships, could you tell us more about it? 

In the summer of 2020, I was an intern at Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California. I gained some great hands-on experience because I worked there during the Paycheck Protection Program which offered assistance to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After my internship, I was able to stay on as a part-time employee in the bank’s payroll department. Then in January 2022, I started a tax internship with Moss Adams in Stockton. I learned so much during this internship. I got first-hand experience of what it’s like for accountants during tax season.

What is Pacific’s MAcc program?

Pacific’s MAcc Program is the Master of Accounting Program at the Eberhardt School of Business. It is a blended undergrad/graduate program that allows students the opportunity to fulfill the 150-unit requirement for the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. Many students can complete this program in four-and-a-half to five years.

Not only does it set you up for success when taking the CPA exam, it also gives you the foundation to enter the professional workplace.

What are the benefits of this program?

It is two extra semesters, in addition to your undergraduate years. MAcc is built so there is an easy transition from the undergraduate accounting program into the graduate program. If someone were to do their master’s degree at another school, they would have to take the GMAT, submit an application with letters of recommendation, and then it would be a minimum of two years of graduate courses.

A huge benefit of MAcc is that you are with the same group of classmates all the way through graduation. This is extremely helpful when working on group projects or studying for exams.

How would you describe your Pacific experience?

I have really enjoyed my time at Pacific. It has been rewarding, challenging and adaptable. During spring break 2020, we had to make the transition to online learning due to COVID-19 pandemic and both students and faculty were so flexible and adaptable.

Before that, I was a member of the Pacific Women Tennis Team for three years. Athletics allowed me to see another side of campus that most students do not get to be a part of. Being a student athlete really set me up for success by sharpening my skills in teamwork and determination.

What can you say about your Pacific professors?

One of Pacific’s best assets is the professors. They really care about you not only as a student, but as a young professional entering the workforce. The small class sizes allow the professor for more one-on-one help in class or during office hours, and most of them are easy to get a hold of.

My favorite thing about the Eberhardt School professors is that they come from very different backgrounds and are eager to share their diverse experiences. I especially enjoyed stories we got to hear from professors Thomas Brierton and Robert Eger.

What is next for you?

I plan to continue working through my accounting program, complete my current three-month internship with the accounting firm, Moss Adams, and return to F&M Bank where I will work in the controller’s department. Both my educational and work experience will set me up for great success as I near graduation in 2023 and begin to study for the CPA exam.

In the long-term, I hope to work in the banking industry or for a small/midsize accounting firm. I also want to continue supporting my community through activism in local nonprofit organizations.