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Academic Advising and Career Services
Second Floor, McCaffrey Center

Academic Advising and Career Services Center

University of the Pacific’s Academic Advising and Career Services Center (AACSC) provides a supportive and empowering environment for students to explore their educational and career goals. The AACSC supports all students in the development of knowledge and skills essential for life-long learning and career advancement.

Visit our office on the second floor of the McCaffrey Center on the Stockton Campus.


Career Services

Career Services support students in developing and achieving career goals that lead to meaningful lives. Students and alumni are offered various services, including career advising, job and internship help, resume and cover letter writing help, and graduate school planning.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors complement the work of faculty advisors and are a key part of students' educational journey. They assist students with academic-success strategies; exploring, declaring or changing a major or minor; and tracking degree-completion progress in DegreeWorks.

Advising Hours

Visit us during our drop in hours:
Mon 2-4 PM
Tues 2-4 PM
Thurs 3-5 PM
Fri 9-11 AM