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Career Services Center
Tel: 209.946.2361
McCaffrey Center, 2nd Floor
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30 am–5 pm
Drop-In Hours:
Mon & Tues: 2-4 PM
Thurs: 3-5 PM
Fri: 9-11 AM

Employers Benefits


access tiger jobs through inside pacific

Tiger Jobs Database
The official job board for University of the Pacific students and alumni. Employers can post jobs, internships and co-ops on Tiger Jobs for free. Pacific students and alumni can apply directly through the system. Click the icon to create your free account today!


If traveling to Pacific is not possible, Career Services offers technology to facilitate private, professional phone and online interviews, as well as high quality, web-based, interactive programs.

career workshops on tiger jobs

Internship Development Assistance
The Department of Labor outlines the rules and requirements for hiring interns. Our team works closely with our employer partners to ensure all internship programs adhere to current guidelines and policies and to offer a mutually beneficial experience to students and employers.

tiger jobs

Logistics and Marketing for Recruiting Events
Our employer satisfaction and event coordinator will work with your account manager to handle all the details of your recruiting events. We reserve rooms on campus, free of charge, and we offer extensive marketing through email, social media and faculty liaisons to promote your informational and hiring events.


Panel Presentations/Alumni Partnerships
By offering a variety of workshops and panel presentations, we create opportunities for our employer partners and alumni to speak directly to Pacific students and share personal stories and career advice. The Pacific experience is unique and powerful, and there is nothing better than sharing your journey and leadership through direct connections with current students.

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Corporate Sponsor Program
Become a CS sponsor and enhance your organization's on-campus reputation and visibility while supporting our programming and services. For more information contact (209) 946-2361.

How to Contact Us

Refer to the following list to determine who your personal account manager would be. If your industry is not listed below or you have additional questions, please contact Robin MacEwan at

Industry Account Manager         Industry Account Manager
Aerospace/ NASA Samantha Pfeiffer Logistics  Robin MacEwan
Agriculture Samantha Pfeiffer Manufacturing Robin MacEwan
Architecture Samantha Pfeiffer Marketing/Advertising Samantha Pfeiffer
Automotive Samantha Pfeiffer Military & Defense Samantha Pfeiffer
Banking Samantha Pfeiffer Mining Samantha Pfeiffer
Biotechnology Robin MacEwan Museums/Libraries Samantha Pfeiffer
Business Services Samantha Pfeiffer Natural Resources Samantha Pfeiffer
Chemicals Samantha Pfeiffer Non-Profit Arts Michelle Arcos
Communications/Media Samantha Pfeiffer Non-Profit Social Services Michelle Arcos
Construction Robin MacEwan Packaging Samantha Pfeiffer
Consulting Robin MacEwan Physical Therapy Robin MacEwan
Consumer Products Robin MacEwan Print/Publishing Samantha Pfeiffer
Education Robin MacEwan Public Affairs/Relations Samantha Pfeiffer
Electronics Robin MacEwan Real Estate Samantha Pfeiffer
Energy Samantha Pfeiffer Recreation/Parks/Camps Samantha Pfeiffer
Engineering Robin MacEwan Religion Samantha Pfeiffer
Entertainment Samantha Pfeiffer Retail/Merchandising/Wholesale Robin MacEwan
Environment Samantha Pfeiffer Rubber & Plastics Samantha Pfeiffer
Fashion Samantha Pfeiffer Sciences Samantha Pfeiffer
Financial Services Robin MacEwan Social & Human Services Samantha Pfeiffer
Fitness/Gyms Samantha Pfeiffer Speech/Language Robin MacEwan
Forestry Robin MacEwan Sports Team & Sports Equipment Samantha Pfeiffer
Government Samantha Pfeiffer Staffing/Executive Search Robin MacEwan
Health Care Robin/Samantha Telecommunications Robin MacEwan
High Tech/Information Technology Robin MacEwan Textile Robin MacEwan
Hospitality Samantha Pfeiffer Tobacco Robin MacEwan
Housing/Urban Development Samantha Pfeiffer Transportation Robin MacEwan
Human Resources Robin MacEwan Travel & Tourism  Samantha Pfeiffer
Insurance Robin MacEwan Utilities (Public & Private)  Robin/Samantha
International Affairs & Development Samantha Pfeiffer Venture Capital/Principal Investing Robin MacEwan
Law Samantha Pfeiffer Veterinary Samantha Pfeiffer
Law Enforcement/Government Samantha Pfeiffer Wastse Management Samantha Pfeiffer

Robin MacEwan – Phone: 209.946.7384                                                     

INDUSTRIES: Biotechnology, Business Services, Consulting, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Electronics, Engineering, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, High Tech/Information Technology, Health Care, Human Resources, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail/Merchandising/Wholesale, Staffing/Executive Search, Telecommunications, Textiles, Tobacco, Transportation, Utilities (Public & Private), Venture Capital/Principal Investing

Samantha Pfeiffer – Phone: 209.932.3246    

INDUSTRIES: Aerospace/NASAArchitecture, Banking, Communications/Media, Chemicals, Construction, Energy, Environment, Fashion, Fitness/Gyms, Forestry, Government, Hospitality, Housing/Urban Development, International Affairs, Law Enforcement/Gov't, Military & Defense, Mining, Natural Resources, Public Affairs/Relations, Recreation/Parks/Camps, Religion, Sciences, Sports Equipment, Sports Team, Utilities(Public & Private), Waste Management

Michelle Arcos - Phone: 209.932.2885

Non-Profit Arts, Non-Profit Social Services

Margaret Roberts - Phone: 209.946.7350

Eberhardt Career Management Center. Contact for all MBA, accounting and finance as well as other business related opportunities

Irene Camy -  Phone: 209.946.2539

School of Engineering and Computer Science Co-op Program.  Contact for all co-op opportunities in engineering and computer science

Carmen Swanson – Email:

Pharmacy school and pharmacy opportunities

Todd Davenport – Email:

Department of Physical Therapy

Jacque Georgeson – Email:

Audiology (San Francisco Campus) 

Speech Language Pathology

Dental School (San Francisco Campus)