The Social Sciences major is an interdisciplinary program that provides training in History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Geography. Social Sciences students learn both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in their exploration of human society. Graduates may pursue careers such as business administration, government, law, law enforcement, human resources, and public policy. The major is also designed for students interested in high school teaching and coaching. The major is aligned with the Social Science subject matter exam on the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET), and successful completion of the major means that the California teaching candidate does not need to take the CSET in Social Sciences to be credentialed.

This major appeals to students with a broad range of interests. Students completing the Social Sciences major in the College of the Pacific may also concurrently complete the Single Subject Credential through the Benerd School of Education. The major requires a minimum of 45 semester units, detailed below. Please see the College of the Pacific social sciences adviser for a list of specific course recommendations for all courses required for the major.


Eight courses that include one introductory course, one course in California history, two courses in world history, two courses in U.S. history, one course in the history of a non-U.S. country or region, and one course with a geography component.

Political Science

Two courses that include one course in U.S. national government and one course that deals with either comparative politics and government; politics and government of a foreign country; or international relations


Two courses which include one course that deals with the basic concepts of Sociology and one course that deals with either, structural analysis, social psychological analysis, or cultural anthropology


One introductory course

Quantitative methods

One course, selected with the approval of the social science adviser.

Teaching Credential Track

Teaching credential candidates wishing to teach history at the secondary level may complete the History or the Social Sciences major. Successful completion of University of the Pacific's Social Sciences BA certifies students in social sciences subject matter and they do not need to take the Social Science CSET. Future social science teachers should concurrently complete the Single Subject Credential Program in Benerd College. For credential requirements, please consult with the School of Education credential program.

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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
Teaching Professions Minor

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