Pacific Opera Theatre presents the premiere of "Belonging," a pastiche opera film addressing homelessness in our community. Under guidance of guest director Ann Baltz, our students engaged in a different approach to actor training and had a chance to work on a project with social relevance, specifically the issue of homelessness in California and in particular in the Central Valley.

Master opera practitioner and renowned opera educator Baltz guided the students through the creation of this devised piece of theatre — creating characters, writing scenes and ultimately setting up the filming of the work. The film was edited and produced by nationally recognized creative director of Gotham Studios, Peter Nissen.

The Cast:

Pacific Opera Theatre Mateus Barioni
Mateus Barioni

Music Composition '23

Pacific Opera Theatre Justin Beasley
Justin Beasley

Bachelor of Arts in Music '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Diego Bustamante
Diego Bustamante

Music Performance '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Joshua Cabardo
Joshua Cabardo

Music Performance '22

Pacific Opera Theatre Elyse Coty
Elyse Coty

Music Performance '22

Pacific Opera Theatre Filo Ebid
Filo Ebid

Music Performance '23

Pacific Opera Theatre Susan Estrada
Susan Estrada

Music Education '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Brylan Finley
Brylan Finley

Music Performance '23

Pacific Opera Theatre Juliette Frediere
Juliette Frediere

Music Performance '24

Pacific Opera Theatre Abigail Hernandez
Abby Hernandez

Music Performance '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Davis Mahoney
Davis Mahoney

Music Performance '22

Pacific Opera Theatre Dion Nickelson
Dion Nickelson

Music Education '22

Pacific Opera Theatre Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter

Music Performance '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Sadai Servin
Sadai Servin

Music Performance '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Paige Tucker
Paige Tucker

Music Performance '21

Pacific Opera Theatre Ryan Vang
Ryan Vang

Music Education '22

Pacific Opera Theatre Jordan Yang
Jordan Yang

Music Performance '21


Director: Ann Baltz
Editors: Peter Nissen
and Sabrina Shuster
Executive Producer: James Haffner

Ann Baltz, piano
Diego Bustamante, piano
Mateus Barioni, bongos

Mateus Barioni
Justin Beasley
Diego Bustamonte
Elyse Coty
Filo Ebid
Juliette Frediere
Hanna Grossenbacher
Davis Mahoney
Joshua Porter
Sadai Servin

WDOK Channel 7 News Anchor
James Haffner


Israel Barioni
Joshua Cabardo
Bergen Finley
Maurice Frediere
Jordan Garcia 
Priscilla Hernandez
Shelby Hightower
Kyle Kalehdahl
Jasmine Melendez
Jacqueline Murphy
Esther Perez
Bev Porter
Isabella Steigman
Izzy Tucker
Lily Tumbale
Joseph Wang
Kyle Yang

music, Claude Debussy
words, Paul Verlaine
Whither Must I Wander
music, R. Vaughn Williams
words, Robert Louis Stevenson
Maria la O
music, Ernesto Lecouna
words, L. Wolfe Gilbert
The Only Home I Know
music, Gary Geld
words, Peter Udell
I’m a Stranger Here Myself
music, Kurt Weill
words, Ogden Nash
I Wish It So
words and music, Marc Blitzstein
Come Ready and See Me
music, Richard Hundley
words, James Purdy
Als Luise
music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
words, Gabriele von Baumberg
My House
words and music, Leonard Bernstein
music, John Musto
words, Langston Hughes
Total Eclipse
music, George Frideric Handel
words, Newburgh Hamilton (based on Milton)
music, George Crumb
words, Robert Southey
music, Manuel de Falla
words, Traditional
music, Nadia Boulanger
words, Maurice Maeterlinck

Filmed on location in Stockton, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Lodi, Fresno, Livermore, Boulder Creek, Rockland, Riverbank, Los Angeles, Phoenix, AZ. 

Special thanks: JoLyn McMillan, CEO of the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless; and
Pacific's stage and technical manager James Gonzales.

The characters and their stories are fictional, created from a place of respect. Our intention is to shed light on the humanity of those without homes.

All filming and work on this project was done under the California and UOP Covid-19 safety guidelines.

If you have lost or at risk of losing your housing, get to a shelter as quickly as you can. Before all of your emotional, mental, physical and financial resources have been depleted, your first stop should be a shelter. Contact the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless at 209.465.3612.