University of the Pacific’s percussion studio provides a rich, hands-on experience with access to practice studios and rehearsal spaces equipped with the best percussion instruments available. Each semester you will gain invaluable experience performing in front of the public with University Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Wind Ensembles and during Pacific Percussion Ensemble recitals. Our curriculum will allow you to explore a wide range of chamber pieces from many diverse composers.


Jonathan Latta

Jonathan Latta, percussion


Students have access to artist-level instruments

At Pacific’s Conservatory of Music students practice and perform on top-level, professional-quality percussion instruments.

  • Marimba One 5 Octave “Izzy” Marimba (4)
  • Marimba One 4.3 Octave Marimba (2)
  • Marimba One Vibraphone (2)
  • Marimba One Xylophone
  • Adams Philharmonic Classic Timpani (set of 5)
  • Precision Classic Hand-CraQed Timpani (set of 6)
  • Yamaha Timpani, pedal-balanced (set of 5)
  • Adams Tubular Bells, 1.5 Octave (2)
  • Steve Weiss Almglocken (38 pitches)
  • Black Swamp Concert Toms (set of 12)
  • Zildjian Constantinople Crash Cymbals (16”, 18”, 20”)
  • Zildjian Classic Orchestral Crash Cymbals (16”, 18”, 20”)
  • Sabian HHX Philharmonic Crash Cymbals (16”, 18”)
  • Yamaha Tour Custom 5-piece Drum Set
  • Black Swamp Multisonic Maple Shell Concert Snare Drum
  • Black Swamp Symphonic Maple Shell Field Drum
  • Adams Maple Shell Suspension Concert Bass Drum
  • LP Classic Series Congas (quinto, conga, tumbadora)
  • Black Swamp Log Drums (set of 4)
  • Meinl Rope Tuned Djembe (12”, 14”)

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