The string program at University of the Pacific prepares students for a successful career in music. You will learn and make music with our first-rate faculty who are experienced performers themselves. You will also have plentiful opportunities to hone your musicianship through our strong ensemble programs and diverse performance opportunities.


Ann Miller

Ann Miller, violin


Guy Powell, guitar

Guy Powell, guitar


Kathryn Schulmeister, string bass

Kathryn Schulmeister, string bass


Igor Veligan, violin/viola

Igor Veligan, violin/viola


Vicky Wang, cello

Vicky Wang, cello



How to apply and audition


Program highlights
One-on-one lessons

Student-centered learning is a vital part of our string program. We recognize that every student is unique and requires an individualized approach. Your professors will adapt their teaching methods to meet your unique needs and help you develop both technically and musically. Through weekly private lessons, you will also develop invaluable problem-solving skills.

double bass lesson

Students have access to artist-level instruments

At Pacific’s Conservatory of Music students practice and perform on top-level, professional-quality string instruments.


  • Jonthan Hai “Quartetto 2018,” 2018 (1)
  • Sahram and Saeid Rezvani 597, 2016 (1)
  • Alfred Lanini, 1955 (1)
  • Alfred Lanini, 1953 (1)

Violin Bows

  • Christian Barthe Violin Bow (1)
  • Klaus Grunke Violin Bow (1)
  • Snakewood Baroque Violin Bow (2)


  • Jonathan Hai “Quartetto 2018,” 2018 (1)

Viola Bows

  • William Halsey Viola Bow (1)
  • Snakewood Baroque Viola Bow (1)


  • Jonathan Hai “Laureto e Cremona” Ein Carmel, 2019 (1)

Cello Bows

  • Ulf Johansson Cello Bow (1)
  • Snakewood Baroque Cello Bow (1)

String Basses

  • Andreas Eastman, 2021 Andrés Martín Model Solo Bass 3/4 VB605 (1)
  • Anton Dietl, 3/4 German 4-String w/ C-extension Bass 3/4 (1)
  • Anton Dietl, 3/4 German 5-String Bass 3/4 (1)

String Bass Bows

  • Egidius Dörfler, French Bass Bow A228 (1)
  • Egidius Dörfler, German Bass Bow A228 (1)
  • Snakewood, Baroque French Bass Bow (1)
  • Snakewood, Baroque German Bass Bow (1)


  • Cordoba GK Pro Negra Spruce Top (1)
  • Cordoba C10 Cedar Top (2)
String section of University Symphonic Orchestra
Program highlights
Performance opportunities

As an undergraduate student at Pacific, you will gain fundamental performance experience typically reserved for graduate students elsewhere. You will have opportunities to develop your skills through solo classes, orchestra concerts, chamber music and degree recitals (performance and education majors). 


University Symphony Orchestra

As members of the University Symphony Orchestra, violin, viola, cello, and double bass students perform orchestral repertoire ranging in style from Classical and Romantic master works to exciting world premieres. Recent performances have included works by composers such as Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Ravel, and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich.

Chamber Music

String performance majors and other interested string players cultivate their collaborative skills through participation in the chamber music program. You will play in a wide variety of ensembles, learning the intricacies of working with other strong musicians.

Other Opportunities

Other ensemble opportunities include in the 28/78 New Music Ensemble, Pacific Heavy Ensemble and the Mariachi de Pacific program.

Trio 180
Trio 180 inspires students

Trio 180, the faculty piano trio-in-residence at the University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music, gives concerts and master classes throughout the United States and has been featured in concert series in Mexico and Canada. This talented ensemble includes celebrated concert violinist Ann Miller, renowned cellist Vicky Wang and award-winning pianist Sonia Leong. The trio mentors young musicians and chamber music groups at the University of the Pacific's Conservatory of Music, where all three members are on faculty.