New Eberhardt dean brings entrepreneurial mindset to business school

Charles Moses, newly appointed dean of the Eberhardt School of Business, sees himself as a builder. It’s a role he is excited to take at University of the Pacific, with plans being drawn up to expand on the school’s success.

Moses took over as dean in June after three years at the University of San Francisco, where he was dean of the School of Management.

He recently discussed why he wanted to come to Pacific, his vision for the business school and how he approaches leadership.

What drew you to Pacific?

I’m a higher education person. This is my fourth deanship, and I've always been in situations where I had an opportunity to grow a school. I have an entrepreneurial mindset. I enjoy the process of higher education, the ethos, working in the realm of ideas, working with people. I also like to build. This is an opportunity to take the school to the next level.

What is your vision for Eberhardt?

We are going to work on the graduate level, developing new and competitive graduate programs. Those programs will probably be hybrid to online. We will take advantage of this triangle between Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco. I think it's one of the world's most dynamic areas to pursue higher education, and we are going to take advantage of that and build programs I think people are going to find very compelling. We are also going to work on things like degree completion for adult learners, building flexible programs.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I like higher education because it depends so much on the intellectual capital and the energy of the people around you. In this environment everyone has something to contribute. It is a collaborative space where people get to be who they are and bring their best selves to work, so I like to collaborate and work with people in a very open and transparent way.

What do you enjoy most about working with students?

I don't think students realize how much you learn from them. You're there to teach them, but every generation is different. They have different values and ways of expressing themselves. Being able to work with them, help them move their lives along, to transform their lives, it's very important. It's a cause for me.

What would surprise people to know about you?

I was kind of an amateur athlete in college. I participated in club sports—judo and I rowed on the crew team … I still stay in shape. I work out every morning. 

Charles’ favorites

Movie: “The Godfather”

TV Show: I watch movies, but I don’t really watch TV

Book: My favorite fiction book is by Stephen King, “The Stand”

Food: Black bean soup

Hobby: Work is my hobby, but I do like to travel all over the world