The Center for Identity and Inclusion (CII) is home to El Centro, Native American Student Services, Black Student Services, Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi Student Services, LGBTQ+ Resource Center and the Lactation Lounge. CII spaces serve as a home away from home for students who live on- and off-campus.

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Our Mission

The Center for Identity and Inclusion strives to provide enriching educational opportunities toward understanding and integrating intercultural dialogue, conflict management, and identity development that advances student success and community engagement.

Our foundational values are diversity and inclusion, social justice, leadership and civic engagement, advocacy, and empowerment.

Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi Student Services seeks to supports all Asian, Pacific Islander and Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) students with building a sense of self-identity, being actively engaged on campus, and creating communities.

Desi is a term that refers to the South Asian people and culture of the Indian subcontinent and their diaspora... India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

SWANA stands for Southwest Asian and North African. This term is used to describe the region commonly referred to as the Middle East. SWANA is a “way to distinguish the region in geographical terms, rather than “political terms” as defined by the Western world” (SWANA).

Black Student Services provides programs, resources, and advocacy for students of African descent at Pacific. As a program area within the Center for Identity and Inclusion, Black Student Services aims to strengthen the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion and maximize persistence and graduation of students of African descent

El Centro’s mission is to assist in retaining students, connecting students to internal and external resources, advising Latino-focused student organizations in planning and developing rich and relevant programming around Latino themes and issues. El Centro strives to educate the campus about Latinx issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the community by offering programs and services that focus on intersectionality

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center welcomes a diverse population of ethnic, religious, political and cultural values while promoting understanding and acceptance for those marginalized as a result of sexual/gender orientation. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center supports a campus environment that is free from prejudice, harassment, and violence towards affiliated individuals and organizations. We provide educational programming, social activities, and advocacy with the goal of enhancing safety, tolerance, and quality of life within the Pacific community

Native American Student Services is dedicated to student retention, connecting students to internal and external resources, and supporting the overall needs of Native American students at Pacific.


Mario Enriquez, Director,

Asian Pacific Islander and Desi Student Services:
Missy Rae Magdalera, Program Specialist,

Black Student Services: 
Traveon Jefferson, Program Specialist,

El Centro and Native American Student Services:
Andrew Talamantes, Program Specialist,

LGBTQ+ Resource Center
Yvette Quintana, Program Specialist,

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