Meal Plans

The University of the Pacific, in concert with Bon Appétit, offers five different levels of meal plans to students living on-campus.

They are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze.

Please note that Copper is the minimum Meal Plan for Spring 2021 due to COVID.

Listed below are the dining point amounts for each meal plan level. Please note that these amounts are for the dining points you will receive, and not the cost of the meal plan. For more information on the cost of the meal plans, please refer to our rates (pdf).

A meal plan is an account linked to your Pacific ID card that allows you to access your dining points. This account works like a prepaid debit account, where you are only able to spend what you have available.

Dining points are given to students when they enroll in a meal plan. One dining point = $1 dollar at the cash register.  The amount of dining points you receive per semester depends on which meal plan level you choose. The amount of each purchase is deducted from the dining point balance, tax free. Dining points are NOT United States currency, and therefore are NOT transferable. View Meal Plan Rates and Points (pdf).

Residents in First Year and Second Year communities must participate in at least a Silver Meal Plan each semester/term.


Upper Division residents must participate in at least a Bronze Meal Plan each semester/term.


Students residing in the Greek communities are required to participate in either a university or fraternity/sorority meal plan each semester/term. For those on a Greek meal plan that do not offer meals on the weekends, the University allows students to purchase a supplemental copper or bronze level meal plan from the University. 

Meal plan rates are charged by the semester/term and are due and billed by the Office of Student Accounts. There are two semesters for general university (fall and spring) and three semesters for professional Pharmacy and Health Sciences students (fall, spring, summer). Rates are subject to change.

Students may transfer up to 300 dining points from the fall to spring terms (fall to spring and spring to summer pharmacy terms).  Unused dining points are forfeited at the end of each academic year and are nontransferable.

Students who wish to decrease their meal plan, must do so prior to the beginning of the semester/term. No decreases will be allowed once the semester/term has begun.  Please note that students must meet the minimum required meal plan for their academic standing.  (Silver for First and Second year students and Bronze for Upper Division, Graduate and Professional Students.)  Students wishing to file a petition can do so by emailing
You can increase your meal plan at anytime by submitting a form in the Residential Life & Housing office or emailing

We offer five levels of meal plans to students living on-campus. They are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze. The Bronze meal plan is only available to those students who live in University-owned apartment communities. Listed below are the dining point amounts for each meal plan level. Please note that these amounts are for the dining points you will receive, and not the cost of the meal plan. For more information on the cost of the meal plans, please refer to our rates.

The best level meal plan for you depends on how much and how often you will eat throughout the semester. 

Our Platinum meal plan is designed for heavy eaters and for those  students who wish to eat three-four times a day during the week and two-three time a day on the weekend. 

The Gold level meal plan is designed for those students who wish to eat two-three meals a day during week and two times a day on the weekend. 

The Silver level meal plan is designed for those residence hall students who wish to eat twice a day during the week and one-two times a day on the weekend.  All residence hall students are required to purchase either a Platinum, Gold, or Silver level meal plan.  The University recommends that students purchase either a Platinum or Gold level meal plan.  If at the end of the Fall semester you realize that you do not need as many dining points, you can always lower your meal plan down to either a Gold or Silver level plan at the start of the next semester.

The Copper and Bronze level meal plans are designed for our Upper Division Community students.  Those living in the Upper Division Communities are required to be on a minimum Bronze level meal plan.  This plan is designed to easily provide you a way to grab a quick meal during your busy week or a coffee or latte on your way to class.

There are a variety of dining venues throughout the Pacific campus. In the DeRosa University Center, there are many options including the Marketplace and The Lair. Other options include Starbucks in the library, the Health Sciences Cafe on North campus, the EAT Truck located on South Campus, and The Grove grocery store, located in the McCaffrey Center. Dining points may only be used at on-campus dining venues.

The Marketplace features a variety of stations provided by Bon Appétit to choose from; a Taqueria station focusing on meals from many countries in South America, a Healthy Options station featuring California cuisine, a Wok 2 Thailand station offering specialties from throughout Thailand, an Exhibition station focusing on grill menu options, and more. At least one vegetarian entrée is featured at each meal and at each station. Bon Appétit is open to suggestions and requests, so feel free to contact them with any concerns.

The University designed the dining plan in collaboration with Bon Appétit with flexibility in mind. There are no limitations on when or where students can use their dining points and there are no regulations prohibiting the use of dining points to purchase meals for other students or guests. Students will be able to "grab and go" with their purchases and are not limited to eating their meals in the location where it was purchased. For more information on the times that Pacific's Dining venues are open, please check out our Hours of Operation.

Students will have control of their meal plan account, and will be able to purchase their meals as they see fit. Of course, having control of the spending in the meal plan account comes with a level of responsibility in student spending behavior. After every point of purchase, the new dining point balance will be shown on the register. Students will be able to check their balance on-line at

All students who live on campus are required to participate in a meal plan. For those living off-campus who wish to be on a meal plan, please check out our Commuter Dining Plans.

The benefit to participating in a meal plan is that you will not pay sales tax at the point of each individual purchase. Taxes and fees are included in the up-front cost of the meal plan, so the price you see is the amount deducted from your dining point balance. Additionally, with a meal plan you will pay before the semester starts through your Student Account and not have to worry about spending money out of pocket for food. With Pacific Cash, you do not have the ability to charge your Student Account, and you pay sales tax for each transaction. If you wish to purchase Pacific Cash, please go online or stop by the Pacific Card Office.

Yes. Students may use Pacific Cash in the dining venues, and you must pay sales tax.

Yes. You may use your credit card or ATM card to purchase items in the dining venues but there is no discount.

Beer and wine will be sold in The Lair to those who are 21 years of age or over. These students may purchase beer or wine with their dining point, unless there is a restriction on the individual meal plan.

You may move up to any higher level of meal plan at any time. This request must be made in writing through Residential Life & Housing. Once the change is made, your dining points are available immediately and the new level of meal plan will remain in effect for the remainder of the school year unless another change is requested within the Housing guidelines.

Since dining points are not United States currency, students will not receive a refund on their dining points. HOWEVER, students will receive a prorated refund on their housing and dining fee for the remainder of the semester based, in part, on plan usage. Keep in mind that your refund will not directly correlate with your remaining dining point balance. For more information, please read your Student Housing Agreement.

While you may certainly purchase items with your dining point for a friend, you may not transfer your dining points to another person's meal plan.

Yes!  You students can order ahead and pick up meals using GrubHub.