Parking on all three university campuses is by permit only. Public Safety officers enforce traffic and parking permit regulations on each campus and patrol campus parking on a regular basis. Each campus has different parking arrangements and policies. Information for alternative transportation options is available here.

San Francisco Campus 

The San Francisco campus is 7-story building located in the South of Market District of San Francisco. Use of public transportation is recommended, as street parking is very limited. If you chose to drive, please allow yourself plenty of time to find parking. Information on nearby garages and public transportation is available here. All automobile parking is allocated based on a selection in a lottery of full-time faculty and staff. Motorcycle parking is allocated on a first come, first served basis to faculty, staff and incoming 2nd- and 3rd-year students. 

Sacramento and Stockton Campuses

Permits are required for all parking on the Sacramento and Stockton Campuses. All users of parking facilities agree to abide by the university's Parking Permit Terms and Conditions and to obey all parking and traffic regulations. Permit parking is enforced by the Department of Public Safety weekdays between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Stockton Campus and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Sacramento Campus. All other enforcement is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Faculty, staff and students parking on campus require a permit. Permits are sold at the beginning of each academic year, semester and month. Hourly and daily permits are also available through the Passport Parking app.

Parking lots are identified by zone. Vehicles may only park in lots corresponding to their permit. “A” lots are only for faculty and staff, while “B” and “C” lots are available to everyone. At the beginning of each fall semester, faculty, staff, and students can buy yearly campus parking permits. They may also chose to purchase their permits by the semester or monthly. 

Electric Vehicle Charging is now available in all large parking lots on the Stockton Campus. Learn more about the types of parking permits available. 

Visitor Parking 

Visitors to the campus between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays must purchase a temporary parking permit for their vehicle through the Passport Parking app. Visitors can find an open parking spot in “A”, “B”, or “C” lots. Posted signage will indicate these mobile payment zones and how to purchase hourly parking. 

Free parking for prospective students and their families may be arranged through the Office of Admission on either campus, or through the Welcome Center located at the base of Burns Tower.  


Public Safety officers patrol campus parking lots regularly. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to citation. If you believe you received a citation in error, please see the Citation Appeal Policies and Procedures.


The university is not liable or responsible for damage or loss to any vehicle while on campus. The University assumes no liability for damages to personal property arising from parking privileges. 

Parking and temporary permits 

All motor vehicles parked on University property must either have a properly authorized long-term permit or a temporary parking permit. Vehicles without a valid permit are subject to citation. Permission to drive or park on university property may be denied by proper authority at any time. 

Parking space 

Possession of a current parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. The responsibility of locating a legal parking space in any given lot or street rests solely with the holder of the permit. 

Overnight Parking 

Overnight parking is prohibited year round in certain designated areas, except those vehicles authorized by the Department of Public Safety. 

Vehicle Maintenance 

Vehicle Maintenance is not permitted on campus. Violators are subject to citations and charges for cleanup. Heavy fines are imposed for oil/petroleum products left on the roadways. 

Abandoned Vehicles 

No person may abandon, wreck, dismantle, or render any vehicle inoperable on university property. Emergency repairs may be made only with the approval of the Department of Public Safety. A 72 hour towing notice may be attached to abandoned vehicles. If the vehicle is not removed within 72 hours in compliance with this notice, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense. 


Motorcycles may not be driven off normal motor vehicle traffic routes and must be parked in designated motorcycle areas. Mopeds may not be driven on sidewalks or on the Wood Memorial Footbridge. 


Skateboarding and roller-skating on campus is permitted for transportation purposes only. Recreational use, including tricks, jumps, or movement that endangers self, others, or damages university property, is prohibited. 

Equestrian Traffic 

Horses are not permitted on campus at any time except when specifically authorized by the Department of Public Safety. 

Non-resident Vehicle Registration Requirements 

Any vehicle entering the State of California is subject to registration requirements as administered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Further information is available at the DMV website.

Traffic Violations 

Vehicles in violation of University Parking Regulations are subject to citation and may be towed. 

Moving Violations 

If the violation involves a vehicle which has an operator, that person shall cooperate fully with Public Safety Officers by furnishing all information requested (e.g., driver's license, proof of registration, etc.). 

Parking Citations 

Parking citations issued by the Department of Public Safety are processed directly through Passport. Compliance with the instructions on the back of the citation becomes the responsibility of the cited individual. All payments/appeals are processed online through Passport; the university does not accept payment for citations received on the Stockton and Sacramento campus. 

Removal of Vehicles 

The Department of Public Safety shall have the authority to remove any vehicle parked in violation of parking regulations, if the vehicle is endangering any life or property (e.g., leaking gas, vehicle on fire) or if the vehicle is an obstruction to any emergency vehicle. The owner shall be responsible for any charges related to towing or storage of the vehicle. The University assumes no responsibility. 

Parking Citation Review Policy 

There are two stages for parking citation appeals: an Initial Review process and an Administrative Review process. 

There is no charge for the appeal process. 

Citation Appeal Procedure 

If you want to contest a parking citation, you must access the Passport parking portal to "appeal" the issuance of the citation within twenty-one (21) days of receiving the citation. (This first step of the process is the Initial Review.) Parking citations will generally not be dismissed for not knowing the campus parking regulations and not reading signs posted on the campus. Please be specific in your explanation of why the citation should be dismissed (you may upload supporting information to the system). 


You may access the citation portal here

Passport will process the appeal and provide a response. If you wish to appeal the results of the Initial Review, you must advise Passport of your desire to process an Administrative Review within ten (10) days after receiving notification of the Initial Review's decision. This review is also completed online but will be reviewed by an independent examiner hired by the university. The date and time of the Administrative Review will be provided to the cited person. 

If the citation is dismissed, no further action is required. If the citation is not dismissed, the decision of the independent examiner is final. No other campus review is permitted.

Controlled Parking 

Parking is specifically controlled at all times (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) in the following areas: 

  • Red curb - no parking anytime. 
  • Green curb - limited time zone as indicated. 
  • Yellow curb - service vehicles only. 
  • White curb - limited time is five minutes. 
  • Orange curb - Office of Admissions reserved parking. 
  • Blue curb - No vehicles should park in a blue zone reserved for "Disabled Parking Only" unless properly displaying a Department of Motor Vehicle's Disabled Plate placard and a valid University of the Pacific parking permit. 
  • Reserved areas as indicated by signage or direction of Public Safety 

Prohibited Parking 

  • Within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant. 
  • Parking in the roadway adjacent to other vehicles. (known as double parking). 
  • On any lawn, sidewalk, or in any area that restricts vehicle or pedestrian traffic. 

Other Regulations 

  • Vehicles cannot be used as living quarters while parked on campus. 
  • Where individual parking spaces are designated, every vehicle must be stopped, left standing, or parked entirely within the traffic control devices marking a single parking space. 
  • License plates (rear or front) must be easily visible to the parking lot aisle/roadway (California Vehicle Code 5201). 
  • Oversized vehicles (vehicles that cannot fit within a single parking space) may not park on the campus without permission from Public Safety. 
  • Diagonally and perpendicularly parked vehicles must have one wheel within 18" of the curb. 
  • Both inside wheels of a parallel parked vehicle must have the wheels within 18" of the curb. 
  • All parking along roadways and areas not otherwise marked must be parallel and facing the direction of traffic. 
  • Head in parking (in diagonal stalls only – Stockton Lot #34 and Stockton Lot #36). 

Parking Permit Regulations 

Parking permits are enforced Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m on the Stockton Campus and Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Sacramento Campus, except at Towerview Apartments, Cowell Health Center and the Townhouse Parking Lots which are enforced 24 hours a day. Permits are enforced all year including the summer months. 

Display Of Permits 

Permits will be electronically registered with permit holder’s vehicle by license plate. The vehicle’s license plate should be properly displayed and items must not inhibit the visibility of the license plate or obstruct the field of view (California Vehicle Code 5201). 

Permit Removal 

The University assumes no responsibility for the removal of any expired, unauthorized, or revoked faculty, staff or student parking permit. 

Cancellation of Parking Permits 

The university may cancel or revoke any permit for cause by notification or in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date. 

Standard Annual Permits 

A — All University streets and lots

B — "B" and "C" lots

C — Lot 1 only (commuter lot by Spanos Center and Tennis courts)

D — Dental school and Stockton "B" lots only

E — Emeriti faculty valid on all University streets and lots

P — President's Office valid on all University streets and lots

S — Service Vehicle Permit (valid in all Service Vehicle Zones) 

Service Vehicles 

A vehicle owned by a service agency that is dedicated to the servicing or delivery of materials and equipment, the exterior of which is visibly marked with a company name or organizational logo. Private (unmarked) vehicles may be used for service/delivery purposes. 

Employees of the University must have a valid parking permit (A, B, or C) before qualifying for a service permit. 

Service Vehicles must park in Yellow Zones and are subject to a one-hour time limit unless authorized by Public Safety for an extended period. 

Physical Plant marked vehicles are exempt from time limits. 

Visitor Parking 

Visitors to the campus between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays must purchase a temporary parking permit for their vehicle through the Passport Parking app. Visitors can find an open parking spot in “A”, “B”, or “C” lots. Posted signage will indicate these mobile payment zones and how to purchase hourly parking.

Free parking for prospective students and their families may be arranged through the Office of Admission on either campus, or through the Welcome Center located at the base of Burns Tower.

Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit on campus streets is 15 miles per hour for all vehicles. The parking lot speed limit is 10 miles per hour for all vehicles.


Pedestrians shall be given the right of way at all times. Pedestrians should cross streets only at designated crosswalks.

Wood Memorial Bridge

Unauthorized motor vehicles, including motorized cycles, are prohibited on the Wood Memorial Bridge.


No person shall drive, stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or not, upon any driveway, sidewalk, landscaped area or any area not marked for parking or in any other location that will obstruct the view of any sign posted by the Department of Public Safety.

Barriers, Posts, Gates And Fences

No person may remove, damage or alter or otherwise circumvent any barrier, post, gate or fence erected by the University for control of parking and/or traffic.

The provisions of the California Vehicle Code and University regulations issued by the Board of Regents of the University will be enforced by the Department of Public Safety on all property owned and/or operated by the University.

Parking and traffic regulations are established under the authority of Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code. These regulations apply to all faculty, staff, students and visitors of the University and are intended to:

  • Promote pedestrian and vehicular safety. Make parking facilities available to all members of the campus community.
  • Ensure access at all times for ambulances, firefighting equipment and other emergency/service vehicles.
  • Provide proper collection of parking fees.
  • Provide limited visitor parking.

Suspension of Parking Regulations

The Department of Public Safety shall reserve the right to temporarily suspend parking regulations for the general public who may attend special events on campus (e.g., athletic events, concerts, conferences, commencement ceremonies, etc.)

Special Exemptions

All public owned and operated vehicles and those vehicles specifically authorized by the University shall be exempt from certain provisions of the University Parking Regulations when actively involved in the performance of University business, maintenance or emergency services.

Roadway Closure

Any campus roadway, alley, driveway, parking area or any portion, hereof, may be closed when necessary.

Motorists are required to obey verbal orders of a Public Safety Officer.