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Other Opportunities at Pacific

Deadline: Award:

First Friday in November
First Friday in April

Technology in Education Committee (TEC) Faculty Grants
Audience: All Faculty, full time tenure track first preference.
Description: Conference Related Proposals [up to $2,500 per proposal]. The committee will commit funds specifically for training related activities for both individuals and departments. 2. Small Scale Projects [up to $5000 per proposal] Proposals for initiatives that require a relatively small investment by the TEC, but offer key resources to impact innovative teaching for the applicant(s). 3. Medium Scale Projects[$5,000-$20,000 per proposal] Opportunities for individual faculty members of groups of faculty members in an academic program or across programs or schools/college to explore new models of teaching and course delivery. 4. Large Scale Projects [above $20,000 per proposal] Requires large investment for a high-impact, innovative project based on technological innovations that raise the visibility and reputation of Pacific for learning and or the scholarship of learning.

Application Instructions: Click Here
Contact: Heidi Stevenson, Chair,

Contact for Deadline 

Sustainability Project Investment Fund
$1 - $150,000
Audience: Faculty, staff and students.
The Sustainability Project Investment Fund (SPIF) is currently available for projects at any of the three Pacific campuses (Stockton, Sacramento, San Francisco) through a competitive process. Goals of the SPIF fund are to:
(1) Support Activities that reduce resource use, energy consumption, and waste or pollution generation;
(2) Invest in projects that have measurable economic, social or environmental benefits; and
(3) Support sustainability-related education, engagement, and outreach activities consistent with the university mission

Application Instructions: Click Here
Contact: Sustaining Pacific,

First Friday in November
First Friday in March

Thomas J Long Foundation General Education Fellowship
Audience: Faculty who teach in the undergraduate general education program.
Description: The fellowship rewards faculty based on the following criteria:
(1) Innovative teaching, or proposed innovative teaching, in the Pacific Seminars or in the Breadth Program; examples of innovation are incorporating community-based learning, taking field trips, involving students in effective group work, increasing the development of specific skulls (writing or speaking), employing new technologies, or using uncommon and exemplary teaching methods.
(2) Demonstration of excellence of instruction in the Pacific Seminars or in the Breadth Program.

The ideal candidate will meet both of these criteria; however, awards might be granted to faculty who only meet criterion (2)

Application Instructions: Click Here
Contact: Cathie McClellan, Director of General Education;