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Health Requirements

Prior to entry into the professional portion of the program health requirements must be met and documentation submitted to the Cowell Wellness Center.


  • Health History and Physical Examination
    • Complete within 3 months of classes starting if new to Pacific. Continuing Pacific students do not need to have a physical if they had had one completed within 3 months of starting at Pacific or during their education at Pacific.
    • Form is available and
  • Hepatitis B Vaccines
    • Three documented vaccines (Titer will suffice if documentation is not available)
    • Hep B Surface Antibody showing immunity (Must have even if you have 3 vaccines)
  • MMR (Meals, Mumps, Rubella)
    • Two Documented vaccines or titer showing immunity
  • Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox)
    • Two documented vaccines, documented disease or titer showing immunity
  • Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis)
    • One documented vaccine in the last 10 years
  • Tuberculosis Screening (see Tuberculosis Screening Information Sheet)
    • 2-step PPD screening within 3 months of starting school if no history of positive PPD test or disease
    • Chest X-ray within 3 months of starting school if history of positive PPD test or disease
  • Influenza Vaccine
    • Required before matriculation and offered on campus at Cowell Wellness Center


  • Meningitis Vaccine
    • Must Submit signed disclosure form if living in Residence Halls
    • Recommended if not updated in last 5 years
  • HPV Vaccine
    • Recommended for males and females, 26 years or younger. A series of three vaccines.

Inquiries about health requirements and supporting documentation are handled through the Cowell Student Health Center (209) 946-2315.

The School of Dentistry will not deny admission to the program to any person based on the presence of bloodborne disease.