The Bachelor of Science in Accounting at University of the Pacific is a four-year degree that includes study of all functional areas of accounting including financial, managerial, cost, auditing, federal income tax and accounting information systems. Graduates of the program are fully prepared to enter accounting careers in the corporate, governmental and not-for-profit areas.

The program consists of 128 hours of coursework, and positions those graduates who desire licensure as certified public accountants to continue their studies.

In addition to the general education courses required by the University, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting curriculum requires a set of preprofessional skills courses in the areas of communication, mathematics and economics. Many of these courses also satisfy certain general education requirements. Students also progress through a series of courses in core business areas such as accounting, management, marketing and finance. In their junior year, students begin their intermediate accounting studies, and end the program with a series of advanced accounting courses including auditing, advanced financial accounting, cost accounting, and income tax accounting.

Outstanding Student
Hannah Ketcherside

A third-generation Pacific Tiger with strong connections to her Stockton community, Hannah is taking advantage of Pacific’s MAcc program to graduate with a Master of Accounting degree in just five years. She credits the program for a strong academic foundation which has allowed her to secure two internships where she gained invaluable real-life experience as a future accountant. 

accounting major Hannah Ketcherside
Keira Pollard
Success After Pacific
Keira Pollard

Internship leads to job with Big Four firm

Even before Keira Pollard graduated in 2020, she had already a position as an audit associate at KPMG, one of the “big four” accounting companies in the United States. Pollard was a student in the blended Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Master Accounting blended program at Pacific and had the opportunity to intern with KPMG through a university partnered program. Following her internship, Pollard was offered a permanent position as an audit associate.

Accelerate Your Degrees

The Dual Degree Program in Accounting is a five-year accelerated program that culminates with the simultaneous award of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting and the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degrees. The two degrees will be awarded on the basis of 150 semester hours. Completing the Dual Degree Program in Accounting will satisfy California's new accounting education requirements, and will meet the 150 semester hour requirement in most other states and territories.

Eberhardt students graduation ceremony
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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Master of Accounting Blended Program
Master of Accounting (MAcc)

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