The Endodontic Internship program is designed to provide interns with endodontic knowledge and skill learning experiences beyond those of predoctoral education and introduce them to the expectations of specialty residency training. It aims to provide excellent patient care, strong teaching, innovative clinical research, and broad clinical exposure to endodontics. Interns will learn how to approach interdisciplinarity via didactics and patient care in the Department of Endodontics at University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Interns will participate in screening, treatment planning, and management of surgical and non-surgical cases with current endodontic residents, as well as provide endodontic patient care two days per week primarily in our evening clinics. Interns will also participate in screening and management of emergency cases. The remainder of the week will be dedicated to research activities under the supervision of Dr. Adham A. Azim.

Clinical Care

During their regular clinic schedule, interns will perform endodontic screening; clinical history intake and examination; non-surgical and surgical endodontic treatments; clinical teaching; and emergency case management. The attending faculty will supervise all trainee activities during these clinical sessions. Teaching will emphasize a patient-centered interdisciplinary approach.

Interns will present a summary of their clinical cases every week in seminars to discuss their experiences with varied surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

Tittles in clinic
in the clinic

Research projects

Interns will be assigned personal research projects at the beginning of their internship. They will also be asked to participate in ongoing clinical and in vitro studies taking place at the department. Interns will also be encouraged to identify their own research interests as long as projects may be completed within the internship year.



Interns will actively participate in the endodontic lecture series, literature reviews, research seminars, and interdisciplinary case conferences throughout the program. Lectures will be conducted by faculty members and guest speakers on topics relevant to endodontics.

present and publish

Present & publish

During the program, interns will elaborate on clinical case presentations and actively participate in national and international research presentations and publication submission. To gain exposure and training in all aspects of essential scientific investigation, interns will pursue a research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Each intern will learn to formulate a research plan, prepare a protocol, conduct and analyze the research study and present the findings in seminars and national meetings. 

Curriculum and Competency

  • Research design
  • Advanced lecture series
  • Current literature
  • Classic literature
  • Case presentation

Reading Material

Articles relevant to the fields of endodontics

Faculty will continuously assess interns during clinical activities focusing on collaborative patient-centered care, informal assessment of cognitive skills and teaching discussions, providing a bimonthly evaluation based on these criteria:

  1. Patient Care:
    • Perform a thorough medical history and examination
    • Appropriate diagnostic tests
    • Reading and interpretation of endodontic studies
    • Develop a clinical assessment and treatment plan
    • Interact with other health care providers
  2. General Knowledge:
    • Access and critically evaluate current medical information and scientific evidence relevant to endodontics.
    • Interpersonal Skills and Communication:
    • Communicate effectively with patients
    • Communicate effectively with faculty and staff
    • Presentations in clinical case conferences
  3. Professionalism:
    • Carry out professional responsibilities and adhere to ethical principles
    • Complete assigned duties, which includes clinical record documentation
    • Attend required conferences (mainly AAE meeting)
    • Adhere to the principles of good clinical practice and patient safety
    • Behave professionally towards patients, families, colleagues, and all members of the health care team 
Suzy Hazelwood


  • A DDS or BDS degree
  • TOEFL test score (for international applicants)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement about why they are attracted to this program
  • Two letters of recommendation
Dominika Gregušová

Application process

  • Complete Pacific application and submit required documentation as above by Sept. 15
  • Applicants will be selected for an initial interview
  • For international applicants: preference will be given to students who have completed some form of endodontic training.
Dr. Adham

More info

The internship is full-time and runs from January through December each year. For additional information about applying to the program, please contact Adham A Azim, BDS, DDS at

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