A unique endodontics program combining the best of clinical education and research training in San Francisco, California. Students will work with a team of clinician-scientists with experience in basic and translational research at the Department of Endodontics, University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.  

Ground Breaking

We focus on groundbreaking technologies in endodontics, including novel tissue engineering and disinfection strategies. By integrating our clinical and research expertise in microbiology, tissue engineering and materials science, we aim to investigate and develop approaches that will eradicate endodontic biofilms and promote regeneration of the dentin-pulp complex.

Professor and student

Our core philosophy: diversity and inclusiveness combined with multidisciplinary research leads to massive leaps in disruptive research that can benefit humanity.

in the clinic

Dual Purpose

The Department of Endodontics offers a Certificate in Endodontics – PhD conjoint program. This five-year, full-time, self-funded program provides a unique opportunity for clinician-scientists to hone their skills and excel both in their advanced clinical training in endodontics, but also cutting-edge research, which prepares them for both specialty practice and the academic world.


Academics + Research Training

The first three years of this program are dedicated to the PhD program, which is offered in association with the Department of Chemistry, and the subsequent two years focus on advanced training in endodontology. Students will have an outstanding opportunity to develop their knowledge, scientific and laboratory skills on several cutting-edge research projects helping to further the Department of Endodontics’ goals. 


Unique Opportunities

As one of the select few clinician-scientists with advanced training in endodontology and a PhD, you become ready for both clinical practice and an educator/scientist track. There is also ample opportunity in industry for candidates who have an interest in entrepreneurship. During the PhD program, you will also be exposed to the classic and recent science in endodontics. You will have the opportunity to attend classes with the endodontic residents. You will also engage in the simulation laboratory and didactic education of the pre-doctoral students during your program. 

Program Team

Adham Abdel Azim
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Total requirement: 45 credits

General Core courses (MANDATORY): TOTAL 20 CREDITS

PCSP 201: Statistics and Experimental design (3 credits)
PCSP 203: Information and Laboratory Management (1 credit)
PCSP 209: Technical writing and Presentation (1 credit)
PCSP 395: Seminar (3 credits) 
PCSP 397: Research project (8 credits) 
PCSP 399: Dissertation (4 credits)

Specialized core courses (MANDATORY): TOTAL 17 CREDITS

PCSP 212: Methods in bioanalytical, physical and biochemistry (2 credits)
PDENT-2304: Microbiology as it relates to oral health (4 credits)
PDENT-2305: Infection and immunity (4 credits)
PCSP 237: Cell culture techniques (2 credits)
PDENT-2306: Microbiological laboratory techniques (2 credits)
PDENT-2307: Laboratory rotation (3 credits)

Elective courses (General): At least 2 required (TOTAL 3 CREDITS)

PCSP 207: Bioanalytical techniques 
PCSP 208: Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 
PDENT-2308: General microbiology 
PDENT-2309: Introduction to tissue engineering

Specialized electives: At least 3 required (TOTAL 5 CREDITS)

PCSP 245: Proteins and nucleic acids 
PCSP 215: Molecular modeling and Drug design
PDENT-2310: Peptides and peptoids
PDENT-2311: Pulp and periradicular biology
PDENT-2312: Mineralized tissues
PDENT-2313: Applied biomaterials
PDENT-2314: Advanced microscopy for biomedical research

How to Apply

You will jointly apply to the pharmacy and dental schools for this program. The steps are:

  1. Review the application requirements for
  2. Gather all required documentation for both programs
  3. Email all documentation as PDF attachments (you can also send as a Zip file) to Gloria Sue at gsue@pacific.edu
  4. Upon review, an interview will be scheduled

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