UOP International (UOPI) is the name of the partnership between the University of the Pacific and Shorelight Education, LLC.  UOPI, located in Elbert Covell Hall, operates International Accelerator Programs, assists the university in attracting international students to study at Pacific, and runs an intensive English language program for students wishing to improve their language skills for academic study at UOP or other universities in the U.S.

The  International Accelerator Programs, known as IAP, are non-degree granting programs that allow students to obtain English language proficiency, study skills and academic credit such that students may matriculate to Pacific with advanced standing (at the undergraduate level) or into graduate programs (at the graduate level).  The IAP also includes the International Direct process, that provides degree seeking (undergraduate or graduate) students with enhanced skills and experiences to increase their chances of success at the University.

UOPI ELI Mission Statement
The UOPI English Language Institute provides rigorous, student-centered English language instruction that fully prepares international students to succeed in their university studies. It creates a welcoming environment for both learning and living in a new culture, where all feel safe and supported. The UOPI ELI is dedicated to maintaining best practices in the field of TESOL instruction and building sustainable educational programs through regular review and improvement.

Student Achievement
Levels, courses, learning outcomes, grading and progression requirements in the UOPI ELI.   

Initial Placement Procedure
UOPI ELI level placement procedures. 

Program Calendar 
UOPI ELI program start dates, terms, and instructional hours. 

Student Handbook
The UOPI Student Handbook collects in one place the most important information for UOPI ELI students. Find out more about academic and student services topics such as our programs of study, accommodations and insurance, and the campus resources.   

Student Complaint Process
Students may find, in writing, procedures to lodge complaints. If you have a complaint to lodge, this is where you will begin.

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