Extend your knowledge with flexible units

Benerd College offers extended education credits for Pacific and non-Pacific students to earn academic units to accelerate time to degree completion. Extension units are undergraduate-level, elective, academic units that cannot be applied toward a major requirement or an area requirement. Undergraduate students may take these courses to earn elective units adding to their total unit count required for completion of their academic degree. Students should check with their academic department regarding the total number of extension units counted toward the degree or full time status.

Our extension courses are one-fourth the cost of a traditional Pacific unit. In addition, our extension courses are open to individuals in the community looking to take classes for personal enrichment or just for fun. The majority of our extension courses are online, so students can join anytime and learn at their own pace. Additionally, Benerd College offers classroom courses that take place on the Stockton Pacific campus.

Individual Courses

The below courses are standalone and do not require any prerequisites.

Connected courses

These courses build off of each other or have prerequisites.

Course Prerequisite Units Cost
Introduction to Personal Creativity None 1 $179
Creativity in Teams and Organizations Introduction to Personal Creativity 1 $179
Innovation in Organizations Introduction to Personal Creativity 1 $179
Day at the Museum, Part I - Honing Your Non-Profit Skills None 2 $358
Day at the Museum, Part II - Nonprofit Simulation Day at the Museum, Part I 1 $179


Get Involved

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