Before participating in any exercise program, check with your doctor to ensure there are no medical contraindications, special considerations or limitations.

All classes and courses are in-person 🧍 and must have a minimum of 10 registered members in order to proceed.

Pickleball for Beginners 🧍

Dates: MON. FEB. 5–APR. 29  (No Class FEB. 19)

Time: 10–11 AM 

Location: Pickleball Courts at Pacific

Fee: $200 (12 sessions)

Instructor: Certified Pickleball Instructor TBA

Pickleball is fun, social and friendly. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a fast-paced, competitive game. Learn from a certified instructor.

Pickleball for All 🧍

Date: MON. FEB. 5–APR. 29  (No Class FEB 19)

Time: 10–11:30 AM

Location: Pickleball Courts at Pacific

Fee: $150 (12 sessions)

Instructor: No Instructor - BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT

There’s so many reasons people get hooked on this sport-it’s easy to start, but hard to stop! Share your new obsession with others who are equally intoxicated.


Tai Chi Qigong, Meditation and Stretches - 3 Wellness Tools 🧍

Dates: TUES. FEB. 6–APR. 23

Times: 9:30–11 AM

Location: Grace Covell Dining Hall

Fee:$125 (12 sessions)

Instructor: Ray Tom, Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor

The class includes meditation, tai chi qigong and stretches. The class benefits are improved overall health, flexibility and improved oxygen intake. Most of the class is performed seated. Fifteen minutes of tai chi qigong is performed standing. Students leave the class more relaxed, energized and feeling good. Persons of all ages and physical condition can benefit from this class.

Chair Yoga 🧍

Dates: WED. FEB. 14–MAY 1

Times: 8:30–9:30 AM

Location: Benerd College Room #110B

Fee: $90 (12 sessions) 

Instructor: Amanda Chow, Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been scientifically proven to decrease stress, reduce chronic pain, and improve one's overall sense of well-being. Experience the benefits yourself with chair yoga! This accessible class includes yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation with variations for all bodies and abilities. Participants will enhance their mind-body connection, as well as improve strength and flexibility.