Our certificate program in Diabetes Essentials is an excellent opportunity to educate yourself, develop practical skills, and empower our community with knowledge of the debilitating effects of the condition. Check out these stories from students who completed the Diabetes Essentials certificate program! Learn why this certificate program can help you make a change in your community.

Clinician Testimonials


Annie Thor, Certified Nurse Midwife

"I work as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and see many patients with a history of gestational diabetes (GDM) and in the community I serve, many of them tend to get T2D later on in life. After learning from these lectures, I plan to change my practice and offer a discussion of Metformin for prevention and to prolong getting the diagnosis of diabetes. Besides offering Metformin, I plan to discuss lifestyle changes and advise that diabetes should be screened more often.

I appreciate the lecture from Dr. Peters. I think it's important that she included a statement that she practices with patients across the spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and included that care is what the patient wants. Working with the underserved population, I often feel that we frequently talk about medication compliance and lifestyle changes, but we neglect the patient's perspective on the disease process and management. Diabetes management is complicated because of its involvement with other body systems, especially the cardiovascular system- It's not just about the numbers (A1C/glucose) but remembering prevention as well (BP, kidneys, retina, infection & lipids). 

Dr. Koliwad's lecture is also very informative, I've watched it twice and both times I've learned something new. His drawings and illustrations gave me a visual on what's going on at a cellular level. And yes, I plan to watch it again before beginning the next module. 

I'm learning from experts, who have dedicated their profession in prevention and care of diabetes. This on-line course is conveniently taken at my own pace and my own time. I enjoy the informative lectures and the fact that I can listen to it repetitively without judgment. This course gives me a great advantage at improving the care of my patients, which ultimately improves the care of my community."

Sarah, Nurse Practitioner

"I want to express my appreciation for this Foundations module! The behavioral side of diabetes, the stigma and the lived experience is SO important. Please extend my deepest gratitude to the folks on the panel for being so candid about their experience with diabetes."

Maria Guzman-Silva, Registered Dental Hygenist

"What surprised me the most about this course was the vast amount of information that is broken down in such a manner that makes it extremely easy to understand."

Paraprofessional Testimonials

Kathleen, Community Health Worker

"The reason why this class was so important to me is because my whole family has diabetes...the knowledge and the teaching in this course really means a lot to me."

Chea, Community Health Worker

"I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in working with people with diabetes. I like the fact that the program allowed me to learn at my own pace and schedule."