The Minor in Environmental Engineering is intended for students in engineering who desire additional knowledge in the environmental or water resources engineering areas and whose current major is complementary to these topics.

The Minor in Environmental Engineering is not open to students pursuing the Civil Engineering degree.

The Minor in Environmental Engineering is for current engineering majors who aim to expand their knowledge on environmental or water resource engineering. The Minor in Environmental Engineering is not open to students pursuing a Civil Engineering degree.

To earn the Environmental Engineering Minor, you must complete a minimum of 20 units and and earn a Pacific minor GPA of 2.0. At minimum of 10 units must be taken at Pacific. You must complete the following required courses:

Class Description Credits
CIVIL 60 Water Quality 4
CIVIL 132 Intro to Environmental Engineering 4
CIVIL 130 Fluid Mechanics I 4
CIVIL 130L Fluid Mechanics I (Lab) 1

You will also need to take two of the following courses related to environmental or water resources engineering:

Class Description Credits
BENG 130 Biotransport 4
CIVIL 133 Water Resources Engineering 4
CIVIL 134 Groundwater 4
CIVIL 136 Design of Water Quality Control Facilities 4
CIVIL 138 Solid Waste Systems Design and Management 4
CIVIL 171 Water and Environmental Policy 3
CIVIL 173 Sustainable Engineering 3
MECH 155 Solar Engineering 3

Note: Up to 3 units of related independent study, undergraduate research, or a senior project may be used to meet the requirements of the Minor in Environmental Engineering, but please consult with your academic advisor beforehand.

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