Discover the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

The Minor in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and preparing students for the modern workplace. The Minor in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship is available to all students.

Existing and new businesses are increasingly based on new products, processes and services derived from the realms of engineering and science. These organizations are unique in their time frame, level of uncertainty and risk, management, and often in the investment of time and resources required for success.

Our students need to be able to integrate the unique needs of scientific and engineering research with business, to learn what business and technical functions bring to the table, and to gain skills in communicating the potential of research and development based innovations and start-ups in both verbal and written form. The interdisciplinary Minor in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship is open to students of all majors.

To earn a Minor in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you must complete a minimum of 20 units and a Pacific minor GPA of 2.0. Listed below are the following courses required to earn a Minor in Technological Innovation:

EMGT 142

Design and Innovation


ENGR 150

Engineering and Science-Based Entrepreneurship


You will also need to take 12 units from the approved course list:

BENG 108

Engineering Physiology

BENG 195

Senior Project

CIVL 015

Civil Engineering Graphics

CIVL 173

Sustainable Engineering

CIVL 180

Engineering Synthesis

COMP 127

Web Applications

COMP 129

Software Engineering

COMP 135

Human-Computer Interface Design

COMP 155

Computer Simulation

COMP 159

Computer Game Technologies

COMP 195

CS Senior Project

ECPE 172


ECPE 174

Advanced Digital Design

ECPE 195

Senior Project I

ECPE 196

Senior Project II

EMGT 170

Project Decision Making

EMGT 174

Engineering Project Management

EMGT 195

Engineering Management Synthesis

MECH 015

Mechanical Engineering Graphics

MECH 100

Manufacturing Processes

MECH 140

Engineering Design/Senior Project I

MECH 141

Engineering Design/Senior Project II

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