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A minor in technology is designed to complement a non-engineering degree by adding some exposure to the elements to technology that are shaping the 21st Century. This minor is open to non-engineering students only.

Engineering and technology are integral parts of many careers and fields of study. As "technology" has become so prevalent in our lives and careers, more and more companies are demanding that their employees have a working knowledge in such areas as design, graphics, communications, hardware and software advances, etc.

Consequently, college students majoring in non-technical disciplines would be well advised to consider taking advantage of technology-related courses to bolster their knowledge and awareness in any of these areas. In order to provide a structure and formal recognition towards this end, Pacific offers a minor in technology.

Minor in Technology  Requirements

  • Student must not be majoring in engineering.
  • Student must complete a program, approved by the minor advisor, consisting of a minimum of twenty units with a minimum of five courses from the attached list.  A minimum of twelve units must be taken at Pacific.
  • Courses that count toward a minor cannot be taken on a "pass/no credit" basis. 
  • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in a minor program. 

Course requirements include:
A minimum of three courses from the School of Engineering & Computer Science (i.e., CIVL, ECPE, EMGT, ENGR, or MECH department prefixes), adding up to a minimum of eight units. (It is strongly recommended that students take ENGR 10 as one of these three classes.  This course is intended for the freshman year.) Learn more about the course catalog for this minor.

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