Tuition costs for the 27-month program are estimated at $138,887 (estimated tuition based on 7 semesters at the current semester rate). Annual tuition increases are not included in this estimate.

Like most U.S. universities, Pacific’s Board of Regents sets tuition each year. The board tries to keep increases as low as possible. In recent years, increases have averaged about 3 percent per year—less than most of our peers. Note that tuition and increases can vary between programs to meet specific needs. Tuition fees are subject to change. For further information regarding tuition, please refer to the Student Accounts webpage.


Additional costs associated with the Program or University enrollment are assessed as fees. Some fees will be collected by the University, others will be assessed by third parties. The following is an estimation of fees associated with enrollment within the Program and are subject to change.

Total Estimated Fees

  • Base fees: $5,383
  • Base fees + student health insurance: $14,348

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025

Estimated tuition per semester/term (12-18 units)1$19,841
1 to 11½ units or over 18 units, per unit$1,368
Total number of units/program114 units
Length of MPAS Program (7 semesters/terms)2 years +
Program Fee each semester$769

1Additional fees and/or tuition increases associated with the programs are not included in this estimate.

Students may automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) depending on their program. Please check with program coordinator for further details. Information regarding the plan and enrollment details are available on the Health Insurance website.

All students with an F-1 Visa will be charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

For more information regarding student health insurance programs and requirements, please refer to the Health Insurance website.

Tuition Refund Policy

The MPAS Degree Program follows the refund policy and timeline associated with the other University Health Sciences programs located on the Stockton campus. To view the refund schedule see the Student Accounts webpage.

Student Accounts

Pacific processes billing statements electronically on a monthly basis. The electronic bill will reflect charges and credits applied to a student's account as of the date the bill was created. Log onto MyPacific to access the electronic bill and to view current activity (subsequent charges and payments). Students and Authorized Users will receive an email notification when their statement is ready for viewing. Go to Paying Your Bill for more information on how to make a payment.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to ensuring that prospective and current Pacific students make well informed financial choices prior to and while enrolled at University of the Pacific. Please visit their website or contact the Sacramento Campus Office of Financial Aid at 916.739.7158 or

International Students

In order to comply with regulations of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, the University of the Pacific requires applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States to submit a detailed certification of finances showing sufficient financial resources for study at the University. Other special information and instructions regarding the admission of international students will be provided upon request.


The Program and University reserve the right to modify or change admission standards, tuition, and/or fees without prior notice and effective immediately. The information provided on this site cannot be regarded as creating a binding contract between the applicant, student and the Program or University.