University of the Pacific offers a minor in gender studies for students interested in how gender intersects with definitions of nationality, race, ethnicity and class. You will explore how gender identities are constantly redefined over time. By analyzing the relationship between gender identity and cultural meaning, you will learn to think comparatively, structurally and critically about your own experiences and their impact on the world.  

Michelle Prince
Why minor in gender studies?

“When I started in sociology, I fell in love with learning more about the world around us, the culture and how culture impacts our behavior. And that led to my gender studies minor and learning more about how we identify and the importance of identifying.” 

Michelle Prince '17
Housing Representative for California Department of Housing and Community Development 

Major/Minor Pairing

The gender studies minor is an interdisciplinary program complementing many majors including psychology, sociology, English, history and others. It deals with issues of gender through a variety of lenses and involves courses in a wide range of sciences and liberal arts. The director of this program will serve as your adviser.

Minor Requirements 

  • Consider a general education pathway 
  • Complete the required general education classes and quantitative reasoning course (20 units total) 


This minor will equip you with a broad, interdisciplinary framework in preparation for careers in fields such as  

  • law 
  • arts 
  • education 
  • health care 
  • nonprofits
Collaboration Across Pacific

We often collaborate with other Pacific groups on many activities. Among our partners are: 

Guest speaker Cristina Rivera Garza
Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities pertaining to gender and diversity are an integral part of the Gender Studies Program. Examples include: 

  • Guest lectures 
  • Art shows 
  • Student research conferences 
  • Faculty research colloquia 
  • Film showings 
  • Leadership conferences 
Gender, Humanities and Ethnic Studies Commons

The Gender, Humanities and Ethnic Studies Commons (GHESC) was established to create a common area for students interested or involved in these programs. 

Staffed by students Monday through Friday, the GHESC is located on the first floor of the Wendell Phillips Center (WPC). It is open to all who wish to drop by for conversation and coffee, to learn more about the programs it supports, or to simply relax. Students are welcome to use the center for their club meetings or to visit the Food Pantry located in room #98.

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