Pacific Music Camp will not be offered in Summer 2022, but please keep in touch to see what we have planned for 2023.

Over 77 years of inspiring young musicians

Students have an opportunity to participate in unique music camp sessions offering a wide variety of master classes, electives and private lessons. 

In 2019, the Camp attracted over 330 participants from across the western United States and beyond. Recognized nationally for its quality programming, the Camp was awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2011 and 2017.


music camp strings
Strings, Piano, Vocal, Percussion & more

Pacific Music Camp offers sessions in all band and orchestra instruments. Students will explore traditional style electives but sessions will also help you explore skills and techniques outside of a large ensemble routine. Master classes and optional private lessons will help you develop better rehearsal and practice techniques.


Music Business

Are you a high school student who would like to have a career in the music industry? This intensive camp will give you a real-world orientation covering the key skills to succeed in this competitive field. We will focus on music promotion, record production, songwriting, social media and exploration of internet-based music creator platforms and software. Both musicians and non-musicians are welcome.

Music Camp
Director of Pacific Bands Vu Nguyen
Music Teacher's Session

Current instrumental music educators at all levels can explore and share ideas on topics such as score preparation, programming, rehearsal strategies and assessment in your ensembles.