Courses4Teachers is an organization, in affiliation with University of the Pacific, providing practical and motivating courses for teachers throughout the United States.

Courses4Teachers has provided pre-k through 12 teachers with consistent, dependable, high-quality graduate-level professional development courses for over 25 years.

Earn University of the Pacific graduate-level professional development semester units/credits for the professional work you do after school.  You may count professional work such as developing/revising curriculum to meet Common Core, researching, reading books, curriculum development, lesson development, incorporating technology into curriculum, previewing videos, developing rubrics, creating games, researching effective teaching strategies.

Popular Courses Offered

Professional Development Units for Teacher Induction Training

You may receive up to eight graduate-level professional development units/credits from Pacific for the work you have completed this academic year in Teacher Induction!  With permission from your school district, we also can grant credit for teacher induction work from the previous academic year.  In offering this, you would be registering for two four graduate-level professional development units/credits.  This applies to both new teachers and to teacher induction mentor teachers/support providers.

Some districts require fewer meetings and therefor they may only approve four semester units per year.  Please check with your school district before registering.


Professional Development Units linked to Workshops, Conferences, Trainings or Travel

If you would like credit for work you have done inspired by a workshop, conference, webinar or travel, you would follow the same procedure as needed with any of our self-designed courses.  You want to earn credit for all the extra professional work you do and when you attend conferences, workshops, webinars or educational travel while you are researching new ideas, enhancing your knowledge, skills and classroom curriculum.