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Our Team

Professional Staff

Jessica Bilecki, Sustainability Director

Jessica Bilecki
Sustainability Director
Physical Plant, 1050 Brookside Rd.

Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Smith
Sustainability Coordinator
Physical Plant, 1050 Brookside Rd.

Student Staff

Amy Lam

Amy Lam
Position: Social Media Coordinator
Year: 1st Year Pharmacy Student
Major: Pharmacy
Fun Fact: I have met Miranda Cosgrove!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Always take leftovers home and share them so there's no food waste!

Sustainability Data Manager- Golnaz

Golnaz Abrishami
Position: Sustainability Data Manager
Year: Master Student
Major: Data Science
Fun fact: I love reading novels. I have a stray cat, and I feed birds and racoons.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Unplug your electronics! Many appliances consume energy even when you're not using them.


Ezaura Mazza
Position: Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Year: Second Year
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: I am from the Boston Ma!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: I always carry my own reusable cups, straws, and bags to avoid one-time use plastic.


Veronika Regalado
Position: Green Team Manager
Year: Third Year
Fun Fact: I am the president of the Green Club on campus!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: The Earth is all we have in common, so together, we can make a change.


Jessica Vuong
Position: Graphic Designer
Year: Third Year
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Fun Fact: I can't live without Spotify because I love listening to music all the time!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use reusable straws! If you're a boba lover like me, they sell reusable straws with pointed ends so you can easily poke the lids!


Sandy Tellez Barroso
Position: Special Projects- Surplus
Year: Fourth Year
Major: International Relations
Fun Fact: I've lived in Mexico and South Korea, two very different countries!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Reuse old clothes, especially t-shirts, since they're very simple to upcycle!

John Encinas
Position: Food Security Coordinator
Year: Third Year
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: The only advice I've ever taken was from the CEO of Thrasher!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Always recycle what you can!

Contact Us

Stop by: Offices are located in Physical Plant and Wendell Phillips Center, room 99 (Stockton Campus). 
Call: (209) 932-2991
FB: SustainingPacificUOP
IG: SustainingPacific16