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Take Action

The fastest way to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, student job announcements, and events is to sign up for the monthly Sustaining Pacific Newsletter and follow us on FaceBook and Instagram


  • Use Tiger To-Go - Purchase a reusable ecoclam or cup from any Dining Services cashier. Save money with every use.
  • Sustainable Living Tips - suggestions of easy ways your daily practices can support sustainability


  • Upcoming Events - get reminders via the newsletter, Facebook or Instagram
  • Clubs & Organizations
    • Stockton: Robb Garden Club, Students for Environmental Action, International Cuisine Club, Students for Farm Workers and Environmental Action, Sustainability Committee. Please note, activity levels of student clubs and organizations vary.
    • Sacramento: Student Sustainability Committee (inactive)
    • San Francisco: Sustainability Task Force (inactive)
  • Academic Programs
  • Pacific Garden Program - visit the Ted & Chris Robb Garden and Bon Appetit Native Plant Gardens at Pacific's Stockton Campus or the Community Garden at Pacific's Sacramento campus
  • Request Sustaining Pacific speak to your class or group. Topics can be customized and typical include: Sustainability at Pacific 101; Trash Talk; Greening events


  • Sustainability Month (April) - lead an event or participate in the Green Fashion Show as a designer or model
  • In the Classroom
    • Class projects & SPIF - the Sustainability Project Investment Fund provides funding for well-thought-out project proposals that contribute significantly to sustainability at Pacific. Staff, faculty, or students with a staff/faculty sponsor can apply. 
  • Volunteer
  • Work and Workplace
    • Work for Sustaining Pacific: the office hires Pacific students for the summer and academic year
    • RA Resources: for RAs we offer a discounted Kitchen Co-Op rental fee, the Green Event Guide, and free program consultation
    • Departments: Green Event Guide for tips on hosting a more sustainable event or meeting; Sustainability at Pacific 101 talks; compost collection in common areas