Guiying (Angel) Zhong ’23 

As someone who always associated the college experience with stereotypical images of crammed lecture halls, frequent all-nighters, and grueling academic papers, I’ve found that the highlights of my undergraduate career could not look more different than what I initially expected.  


For example, I was extremely privileged to travel to Paris, Dublin and Sligo, Ireland over the summer through a fellowship that funds airfare, tuition, and board for two Pacific English majors to attend the Yeats Literary Summer School in Ireland each year. During the summer school, I participated in a graduate-style seminar series about the influence of Indian culture, literature and theology on Yeats’ poetry and literary criticism.  


Also, during the summer, I participated in the Anaphora Arts Writing Residency for emerging writers of color, where I took master classes and workshops from internationally acclaimed poets and authors, such as Chris Abani and Philip B. Williams. I was able to attend the residency in large part due to Powell. The program has expanded my horizons in ways I couldn’t conceive of just a couple of years ago, and the person I am today can’t wait to traverse more uncharted territory.