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Office of Undergraduate Research
Knoles Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 204 A
Dr. Lydia Fox
Director of Undergraduate Research

Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC)

PURCC 2019 Abstracts are due April 3

Abstract Submission

Pacific Undergraduate Research & Creativity Conference 2019 Program

  April 16 - May 11

Senior Art & Design Exhibition


April 27 - Research Day

Oral Presentations & Poster Sessions

April 29

Seminar in Opera Stage Directing Performance

April 30

Composer's Club Concert

May 4

                                                   Engineering and Computer Science Senior Project Demonstrations

The Pacific Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) was started in 2001 as a way to highlight and celebrate the outstanding research being done by undergraduates at Pacific. The range of disciplines participating has increased each year. In 2005, in an effort to recognize and celebrate students engaged in a broader range of scholarly activities, the conference was renamed the Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC).