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Medicare Part D

The Medicare Part D community outreach program is intended to serve Medicare beneficiaries and assist them with evaluating their prescription drug plan options under the Medicare Part D benefit. We intend to serve as an objective, unbiased resource that beneficiaries can rely upon in getting accurate information about Medicare Part D plan offerings. During each intervention we will identify the Part D plan associated with the lowest estimated annual cost based on a beneficiary's prescription medication profile and their personal preferences (e.g., preferred pharmacy). We will also help a beneficiary with new plan enrollment, assist them to determine if they qualify for the low-income subsidy to further offset the cost of their medications, and share other cost-savings strategies.

We have recently expanded the services that we offer Medicare beneficiaries during our outreach events to include a comprehensive evaluation of their prescription medications. We will evaluate all of the medications that a beneficiary is taking to determine if they are safe to take together, identify any severe medication-related issues, provide detailed medication counseling and create a personalized medication record. Moreover, if necessary we will contact the beneficiary's prescriber and/or pharmacist with specific recommendations.

Each outreach event will also provide many other services that beneficiaries can take advantage of and have included: vaccinations, blood pressure testing, diabetes screening, cholesterol testing, bone density testing, and much more.

For more information on our outreach events, click here.

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