The Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy is committed to preparing students for the many settings where pharmacists play a key role, in biopharmaceutical industry, academia and the hospital settings. To help train the next generation of innovators and leaders, we offer a number of fellowships for doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates leveraging the innovative Bay Area environment.

Fellowship in Industry Program

Pacific’s Fellowship in Industry Program (FIP) was established in 2017 to provide exceptional pharmaceutical industry training for PharmD graduates. The FIP currently partners with Genentech, Gilead, Day One Biopharmaceuticals, BeiGene, Flow Therapy and the United States Air Force.

Pharmacy Practice Fellowship

Pacific’s also offers a Pharmacy Practice Fellowship. This unique program is designed for those interested in a career in academia. Fellows are equipped for teaching through immersive experiences and gain formal research training, preparing them for independent research. Fellows also earn a master of science in pharmacoeconomics, health care outcomes and clinical services.