Application deadlines

PharmD applications may be submitted starting in mid-July. The review of completed applications for interview slots begins on August 1 and proceeds on a rolling basis.

As interview slots are limited, it is to your advantage to apply as early as possible. In previous years, a higher percentage of applicants who applied early were interviewed and admitted than those who applied closer to the final deadline.


Early Action — September 6, 2024

Early Action is a non-binding option. Receive priority review of your PharmD application and selection of scholarships. PharmD applicants who have a 2.9 cumulative GPA or higher are guaranteed an interview. You will be notified of your status within one week of your interview date. You may be offered early admission, denied admission or deferred to regular applicant status to be reviewed again later in the cycle.

Priority Application Deadline — October 4, 2024

You will be given priority after Early Action applicants in the review of your application and selection of scholarships. PharmD applicants who have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher are guaranteed an interview. You will be notified of your status within one week of your interview date.

Final Application Deadline — June 6, 2025

You must submit your PharmD application before the final deadline to be considered on time!

What if you missed the final application deadline?

Applications completed after June 6 are LATE and will be reviewed only if time and space permit.

All documents must be received by both PharmCAS and Pacific for the application to be considered complete. In order to meet the deadline, PharmCAS must receive all documents by 12 a.m. EST (9 p.m. PST), and all supplemental materials must be postmarked by the deadline date.

Incomplete applications will be reviewed when all missing documents arrive on or before the deadline date. Applications completed after the deadline will be reviewed if time and space permit.

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Benefits of applying through early action

Complete your PharmD application by September 1, and you will be notified of your status within one week of your interview date.

Applying through Early Action means that you not only compete with fewer applicants, but also increase your chance for an interview offer.

Here are other reasons why you should apply early:

  • Reduce stress by decreasing the time waiting for a decision.
  • Gain more time preparing for the professional program.

Application review process

University of the Pacific Supplemental Application

You will be notified of any missing documents or prerequisites. Please allow us two to four weeks to process your PharmD application. During this process, you may check your application status.

Interview letters

If you receive an interview letter, respond immediately! Your interview may be canceled if you do not respond within two weeks.

Helpful hint: To avoid emails being filtered or blocked, we recommend adding our email to your email address book prior to applying to ensure you receive all important messages:

Decision letters

After your interview, you will be notified of your acceptance status and receive an offer of admission, a denial or a hold letter. If you receive a hold letter, your application will be reviewed in late spring.

PharmD applicant interviews

All qualified applicants will be invited to interview. Interviews are held starting in late September and are conducted on campus or virtually. Learn about what to expect during and after your PharmD interview at University of the Pacific below.

PharmD students

One-on-one interviews

All PharmD candidates will have individual interviews with a faculty member and a current PharmD student. A current student will also be available to answer questions and assist you with the process.

Student presentation

A current PharmD student will give a presentation introducing you to the organizations, resources and events that are part of the exciting Pacific PharmD experience.


All PharmD candidates will be given a campus tour. Additionally, a current PharmD student will be available to answer questions about their experience at University of the Pacific.

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After you’re admitted
PharmD enrollment deposit deadlines

To accept the offer of admission and reserve your seat in the entering PharmD class, accepted students must submit the first non-refundable Enrollment Confirmation Deposit of $500 within two weeks of the date on their approval letter. A second deposit of $500 is due on or before March 1.

Students admitted after February 15 are required to pay a $1,000 deposit within two weeks of the date on their offer letter.

Missing either deadline may prevent admitted students from enrolling. The deposit is applied toward orientation and first-semester tuition fees.

Apply to the accelerated PharmD program today!

Submitting your application before the doctor of pharmacy application deadline increases your chance of admission. Reserve your seat in the PharmD program at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy by applying today!