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Media X is where the arts and technology intersect in the world of traditional, digital and emerging media.

Our innovative program encourages you to explore the production, performance, marketing, analysis and management of media. You will be prepared for a dynamic workplace where agile thinkers and broad skill sets are rewarded.

We collaborate with local small business and non-profits to provide you with signature assignments that may include logo, web and software design, shooting commercials and PSAs, as well as developing marketing plans and advertising campaigns using social media and other forms of digital outreach. Other hands-on assignments may include theater, film, and digital media productions, curatorial work, content-engineering, sound engineering, academic research and industry case studies. Media X provides you with the full complement of applied learning opportunities across these rapid growth areas. 

Lisa Tromovitch
$20,000 Scholarship
Meredith Mair Scholarship

Pacific is now accepting applications for the Meredith Mair scholarship. The $20,000 scholarship supports students majoring in Media X with a focus in theater arts. Each year, the fund will award one incoming Media X student.

Outstanding Student
Jose Flores-Jimenez ‘25

As an aspiring filmmaker, Jose came to Pacific because Media X offered him opportunities to develop his technical and story-telling skills while collaborating with a diverse group of students. An internship at the Cannes Film Festival furthered his interest in advocating for diversity, equality and inclusion.

Media X major Jose Flores Jimenez
Margarita Kuranova
What’s it like to intern in theater?

Media X major Margarita Kuranova ’23 interned with the Shakespeare and Performing Arts Regional Company where she was the stage manager for “The 39 Steps.” She describes how a Pacific professor helped her get her internship and gives her advice to future theater interns.

Pacific 360
Media X Information Session

Discover how Pacific helps you design your future career in emerging media in this information session featuring Media X students and professors. Learn how Pacific's collaborative atmosphere leads to real-life, hands-on learning opportunities. This is the perfect video for you if you're interested in digital media, film, communication, journalism, video game design, podcasting or graphic design.

Pacific 360° is a series of multimedia, interactive, virtual information sessions where you'll discover what it means when you say you’re a University of the Pacific student.


Tour our innovation spaces

Tour our recently renovated library and experience the innovation center where you can research, create and exhibit, all in one place. The tour was featured in our Pacific 360° interactive event.

The Experience

Real World Experience
Movie production

K Pontuti is a professor of Media X and an active filmmaker. Their recent full-feature movie, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” is now available on major streaming platforms in the United States. Professor Pontuti explains how they involved Pacific students in the film so students could hone their skills in a real-life situation. 

Professor K Pontuti

Choose your own pathway

The Maker pathway is for students seeking to design, produce, and perform content across multiple platforms-ranging from digital and emerging media to the original platform-the stage.  This pathway is about much more than the finished product, stressing the importance of all facets of production. Students have the opportunity to learn both what goes on behind the scenes as well as how to create performances in front of the cameras and microphones, enabling them to become well-rounded producers, directors, performers, and designers. They will learn the arts of filmmaking, animation, directing, acting, designing, gaming, and so much more.  This pathway aims to graduate artist-entrepreneurs who understand the needs of the entire production community in one of the fastest growing job markets in the world.

The Manager pathway examines the intersection between business, creativity, and technology and provides the tools for entrepreneurs to explore methods to build, showcase, and grow by taking advantage of the opportunities that both new media and social media bring to the business world.  A focus on creative entrepreneurship enables students to navigate the complex dynamics of a global business culture that is being rapidly transformed by developments in technology and emerging cultural geographies.  Courses in social media management, marketing, consumer behavior, business communications, and analytics prompt students to explore the applications of digital media across industries as well as cultivate the skills necessary to address both the challenges and opportunities associated with evolving technology and media landscapes. 

The Analyst pathway is both innovative and eminently practical, combining the traditional strengths of the arts and sciences with digital media, cultural studies, and the twenty-first century tools of data analytics.  Students develop judicious research and interpretive habits, allowing them to cultivate an aesthetic sensibility alongside analytical skills, with the added awareness of how media and content always function within broader cultural or business contexts.  The Analyst pathway enables students to develop a holistic understanding of "big data" as well as to engage in cross-disciplinary analysis, aimed at developing a deeper, contextual understanding of digital content and cultural products.  A familiarity with data-driven decision-making puts students in this path miles ahead of other job seekers in any digital content or marketing career.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Media X
Media X Minor


Internship Possibilities

CGI Programming

Drone/Aerial Photography

UX (User Experience) Design 

Virtual Reality (VR) Environment Design 

Graphic Design 

Event Design 

Web Design

Product Design

New Media Product Development 

New Media Marketing


Roles Include

Video Games: Technical Artist

Video Games: Level/Mechanics Designer 

Video Games: Story/Dialogue Writer 

Video Games: Audio Engineer 

Animation: 3D Modeler 

Animation: Storyboard Artist 

Animation: Technical Artist 


Production Assistant 



Character Animator





Transmedia Artist 

Camera Operator 

Stage Manager 

Sound Engineer 

Film Critic 


Data Journalist 

Music Manager 

Music Producer


Jose Flores-Jiminez
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