Even the most promising student sometimes needs personal help to achieve full potential. McGeorge affords that personalized help in a host of ways:

Keys to success

The following documents outline the basic skills and resources necessary to excel in your legal studies at McGeorge:

Faculty office hours

The culture at McGeorge strongly encourages maximum personal contact between students and professors.

While office hours are posted, faculty invite you to come at other times as well. They want to hear your thoughts about the issues discussed in class and resolve any points of confusion. They will review exams and give personal diagnostic help about strengths and areas for improvement.

Typically, one or more faculty will have followed a career path that matches your aspirations, and they are eager to share insights about preparation and getting started.


Oyango Snell, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Director of Academic Support | osnell@pacific.edu | 916.739.7257